Tony Elumelu Foundation Welcomes 1k Entrepreneurs to Pan-African Bootcamp

This might be the largest bootcamp for emerging entrepreneurs in Africa.


Over 1,000 Pan-African entrepreneurs were welcomed today by the Tony Elumelu Foundation‘s (TEF) for the two-day bootcamp session from 10 to 12 July in Ota, Nigeria.

Selected out of a total 20 000 entrepreneurs from across the continent, the 1 000 entrepreneurs will get the chance to engage with speakers with a proven record in business and leadership. The new faces of entrepreneurship in Africa will also take part in sessions including an open mic with Tony Elumelu himself and other business leaders from around the world.

Be the bootcamp, the TEF engaged the emerging entrepreneurs in a 12-week online training with the aim of empowering them. The billionaire business man explained why this multi-million dollar programme is so important to development all over the continent:

In empowering these emerging entrepreneurs, we are providing the capital, the networks, the training and support for them to drive economic and social transformation throughout Africa, providing solutions to its problems as well as securing their future and that of generations to come.

Tony Elumelu also used his official Facebook page to show support and pride in the programme. He added that this will be the initial stage of their journey as entrepreneurs and will have informative sessions on Afrocapitalism and finance. The sectors involved in the programme are agriculture, education, retail and manufacturing.

Find out more of what he wrote below:

It was with great pride that today I announced the maiden boot camp of The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme, where our 1,000 selected entrepreneurs will gather from all 36 Nigerian states and 51 African countries, right here in Nigeria from 10-12 July. I have recently been going over the plans for the entrepreneurship bootcamp and am thoroughly excited about what is in store.

We have highly informative sessions on pivotal topics such as Africapitalism and access to finance plus confirmed speakers at the bootcamp who themselves are established entrepreneurs that will give seminar-style sessions and insights into their business lessons. We also have social events to allow the entrepreneurs to network and create synergies.

I believe that the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme bootcamp will be a deeply enriching experience- one that I wish I had when I was early stage entrepreneur!

During today’s press conference, I implored other African business leaders to create or support initiatives that will also empower emerging entrepreneurs. If we all come together with requisite resources we can make a significant difference.

Our entrepreneurs and this entire programme is demonstrative of the immense capabilities of our continent. This African funded, African led and Africa focused initiative- TEEP- will do just that.
As we plan to welcome our entrepreneurs to the bootcamp, I anticipate the Pan-African spread in attendance. All five African regions – North, East, Southern, Central and West Africa are represented, as well as every state in Nigeria. Additionally, all major language blocs – Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone, and Arabic Africa will be at the bootcamp.

Sector wise, agriculture, education, retail and manufacturing account for the largest number of our entrepreneurs.

I share this to demonstrate that no matter what part of Africa you are from and irrespective of the sector an entrepreneur operates in, with great ideas, Hard Work, Emotional Intelligence, Integrity, Resilience and Synergy (the H.E.I.R.S values I operate by), ANYTHING is possible.

Finally, I encourage you all to spread the word about this home-grown transformative movement- ‪#‎TEEP‬, so that others will be inspired to support entrepreneurship on the continent. Let’s preach to the world that Africa’s time has come!

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