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Cuba and Old Khaki’s Youthful Summer Collection

We’re living for the Old Khaki’s SS18 collection. The South African brand is bringing Cuban vibes this Summer. A beautiful infusion of old Cuba and tropical summer – very ‘buena vista’. The collection brings summer vibes, think millennial pink, summer berries, yellows, olive green and shades with a dark base accentuated by vibrant prints.

“Picture dark jumpsuits, worn on their own or offset with a fresh white T-shirt underneath, or shadow-patched, mid-wash skinny jeans or bright blue stretch jeggings teamed with a loose off-the-shoulder top. Pair culottes with comfortable sneakers or sandals,” says Old Khaki’s womenswear buyer, Dalene Gourley. “Our new range of embroidered, off-the-shoulder dresses is just right for easy-wearing on a hot summer night, and then there are our fabulous kimonos, perfect for slipping into after a day at the beach – a first for Old Khaki.”

Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection

You know nice shorts and dresses will provide cool relief on a hot day. This feminine, playful attention to detail is carried through in the raffia pompoms on their sun hats and the tasselled accessories and scarves.

For the first time, Old Khaki is offering women a choice between sun hats and caps with floral detailing. How awesome.

The Cuban theme is also in the menswear range. Unlike the womenswear, it has more graphic and tropical prints. In terms of the colours, there’s a lovely combination of millennial pink and summer berries with olive green and charcoal, or yellow with navy and olive.

Let’s Talk Shoes!

For women, there is a great variety of sandals featuring lace-ups, gladiators, sliders and espadrilles – summer’s quintessential slip-on-and-step-out shoe. More sturdy, but no less stylish, are their sneakers that include options in tan, grey, navy and pops of olive green to echo the season’s fashion colours.

Sneakers make up a big part of the men’s footwear range, too, with a choice of blue, grey, olive or black. In addition, staples such as Caterpillars are back on the shelves, as are wrap sandals, thongs and fisherman sandals.


Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection

The first items are already available in store and now online www.oldkhaki.co.za

Facebook: OldKhaki

Twitter: @old_khaki

Instagram: @oldkhaki

Event: Justine Mahoney Opens Solo Show at Southern Guild Johannesburg

Don’t miss the chance to check out artist Justine Mahoney’s new exhibition which opened at Southern Guild in South Africa. The art exhibition is titled tainted and it’s a solo show of the Johannesburg-born artist.

Justine Mahoney-Solo-Show-SouthernGuildtainted presents a study of the jostling schizophrenia that exists between an apparent playful veneer and the darker element that lurks beneath the surface, presenting 10 sculptures and the corresponding collages from which they are drawn.

Justine Mahoney’s body of work are currently based on one seminal miniature sculpture which recall’s her first memory. At the age of three she was hospitalised for a bone degenerating disease in her left leg, a plaster cast was worn for that year. According to the artist’s bio, ‘her work deals with the struggle of life. Emotional and physical states are represented by an array of growths, swellings, attachments and almost parasitic mutations. An army of toy soldiers multiply. Siamese twin, freak, maimed, wounded, weighted, monstrous, transformed children belie their perfect toy like surface.’

About Southern Guild:
Southern Guild is the premier gallery for collectible,
limited edition South African design, showcasing
the most important work the country has to offer.

Trumpet Building
19 Keyes Avenue, Keyes Art Mile
Rosebank, Johannesburg

Exhibition runs until 1 July

Multiple explosions kill 7 in Borno – Police

Multiple explosions has killed 7 people in Borno today.

The Borno Police Command on Wednesday confirmed the death of seven persons, including three suicide bombers, in Tuesday night’s explosion at the outskirt of Maiduguri, reports Premium Times.


The State Commissioner of Police, Aderemi Opadokun, made this confirmation while speaking with journalist in Maiduguri.

“At about 7.41 pm on Tuesday, there were Improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosion in three locations at the outskirt of Maiduguri.

“The locations are Gidan Shanu behind Bakassi estate, Sajeri and Bulumkutu,” Mr. Opadokun said.

“Seven people, including three suspected suicide bombers, died, while eleven persons were injured.

“All the casualties have been removed from scene and taken to the hospital and normalcy has been restored,” he said.



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dawn oliver

Making money is like hitch hiking….
For people born with normal spoons only.
Silver spooners shouldn’t  have a reason to hitch hike of course; but if the spoon makes it’s way out, come back to read this.

Yea, so, we were born stranded already in our life’s journey (life’s journey discussed in previous post of the pretty model in a little dress on the stairs) but then we got of age and ready to travel.
Don’t own cars so we have to hitch hike to destiny or a Lagos or Wall Street. Money is the driver.
Only because it spoke in a language none of us understood, most of us signalled to be dropped at the next bus stop or immediately.
You expected it to speak your mother tongue but it spoke maybe Swahili? Loll I don’t blame you, safety first!
You waited so long and found an English speaking driver. It soothes you. He dropped you quarter way. You waited again, found your mother tongue, he dropped you shortly. You will eventually get to your destination, I pray, to meet that Swahili speaking driver already there. He runs the place. He looked at the CV still in your hands, he greets you again, but you still don’t understand. I appear behind you all smiles and translates what he had said. “Where are you going, friend; and what can you do for the people there?”
You hated yourself. Such a simple question! Lol.

An entrepreneur studies his environment, learns exactly what needs to be learnt, has a vision that must solve a problem and carry plans in his hands. He has a dogged faith or mission vision in corporate terms and ultimately, the risk of boarding a bus with strange foreigners is a risk he is very willing to take.

I’m writing this from the bus. Cos I like to converse and meet new people but no one in the bus understands me. They be making faces since I was picked. I’m almost frustrated but I know I’m headed the right way!

Now, who’s gonna take the any next bus?
It’s a greatness new week!! By the way, @natgeo, we drive scenic roads too! Picture taken as we travelled through the robust Enugu-Portharcourt expressway. On an #EasternTour

Bill Achusim
@BillAchusim Instagram/Twitter


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