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New Art Exhibition from Rele Gallery and Gallery of African Art

MIGRATION: The Stories of Two Artists with Patrick Altes & Ronald Muchatuta

We had the opportunity to attend the opening of Gallery of African Art‘s new art exhibition. A profound display and reflection on Migration. As usual the gallery didn’t disappoint. From presentation to content, the art display steered us to reflect on the concept of migration.


The artists featured are  Patrick Altes from Algeria and Ronald Muchatuta from Zimbabwe. Patrick’s works generally focus on the topics of colonialism and capitalism as he believes art should be a reflection of the environment we live in. Conversely, Ronald’s project deals with issues of immigration in Africa, determined to create awareness of the challenges African migrants face within and without the continent. As an immigrant himself, he uses art to tackle xenophobia and tribalism. “I try to unpack the stereotypes – missing links and the unmentioned or sidelined important aspects of the crisis.”


When We Are Not What We Are by Rele Gallery

Curated by Adenrele Sonariwo, Rele Gallery is presenting a n art exhibition about Sejiro Avoseh. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition opening on July 8th, 2018. It consists of four distinct series, this new body of work are assembled under the title “When We Are Not What We Are”. The exhibition’s title is construed as a metaphor that unravels the performative character of human beings as they respond to social and material conditions brought about by modern life and the society one finds oneself.

  Want to know more about Rele Gallery’s new exhibition? Check it out here.

Interview: Rising Artist Buki Animashaun Discusses Art Exhibition at Rele Gallery

Artist Buki Animashaun has joined forces with other female artists for a new art showcase at Rele Art Gallery titled ‘Her Story’. Whilst you may not have heard of Buki before, don’t feel estranged as the artist is one that is currently on our radar – one to watch.

Through her art she explores the culture and communication in abstract pieces that seek to maximize communication, inspired by social, economic and political cultures, through time and evolution.

As an artist Buki Animashaun is also examining symbolism and expressions that form principles of community as the world becomes more digital. What is Buki’s story like? What inspired her journey as an artist? We had the honour to have a word with the visual artist to get to know how views on life, gender and art.

We know most people don’t like to describe themselves but could you tell us – Who are you Buki?

My name is Olubukunola “Buki” Animashaun. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and I am a visual artist.

Artist-Buki Animashaun-Interview-TheGlowingColours-February-2017

Did you always want to be an artist?

No. I’ve never taken to the label…or any label. I’ve always wanted to be fulfilled though and art has been the most fulfilling channel that I’ve ever experienced. So much so that I’m willing to accept the label as true.


Tell us about the “Black Hearted” Series

This series is about keeping it together. Challenging the ability to see my kind of love, culture, expression and sameness through universal symbols.


Why did you choose mixed media as your medium?

Though I am quite committed to a phase primarily expressed through acrylic paints on canvas, generally, mixed media is exciting because there are no rules to it.  I can build more dynamically.


What is the best part about working with mixed media?

There’s a always a puzzle to solve with the construction of each piece.  Every colour,  stroke or line has a place; you just have to find it.


You talk about exploring symbolism and expression in your work. Could you elaborate on the symbolic elements that have influenced your work and why?

I express through a lens that is connected to contemporary Yoruba cultural issues against the backdrop of my suburban American young adulthood.  Using the blend of western and somewhat universal symbols such as the heart shape with strokes reminiscent of Yoruba facial markings  in a piece such as “Stop Shouting”, from the Black Hearted series is a demonstration of this symbolism.

Artist-Buki Animashaun-Interview-TheGlowingColours-February-2017

What do they mean to you?

Imagery and symbols define the world for me. To understand people and culture, it’s always interesting to study the symbols and imagery used to communicate in the community. Yoruba facial markings can seem barbaric and antiquated as a practice but their relevance as a cultural anchor needs to be acknowledged, addressed and evolved. What they signify needs to be preserved.


You are part of the upcoming exhibition at Rele Gallery, ‘Her Story’. Tell us a bit about this exhibition and how else do you believe you can raise awareness on gender issues?

For me, gender issues are common sense human issues. To be aware of them is to open your eyes.


As a young Nigerian woman, what’s your stance on gender?

It’s a biological label; one that is becoming more abstract by the day.


A lot of women artists are talked about in terms of their lives and that biographical reading puts women into a box. In your case for example, how would you want to be described as a female artist?

I would want to be described as an artist who created from her honest perspective of inclusion and equity.



If you were not an artist, what would you be?

Mmmmm, It would be pretty cool to be a physicist…


Which work of art would most describe your life?

I haven’t found one yet.


Where can we find your art works?

Besides showing at the group exhibition at Rele Gallery in Lagos, my work is displayed on my website www.bukimanimashaun.com


What’s next after ‘Her Story’ art exhibition?

I’m considering going to the US to do a couple of residencies; I want to take an opportunity to step away from what inspires me and see my expression from a different perspective.

Artist Buki Animashaun’s art exhibition “Her Story”, opens on February 26th 2017 at Rele Art Gallery at 5 Military Street, Onikan, Lagos. Make sure you visit the art gallery and check out the exhibition.

5 Promising Nigerian Artists to Watch Out for at Rele Gallery’s Young Contemporaries 2017

These 5 promising Nigerian artists will be rolling out their exhibition this Sunday at Rele Gallery over the weekend. Here’s what you need to know about Young Contemporaries.

Lagos-based art gallery Rele established Young Contemporaries as an artistic initiative that identifies, promotes and, mentors young visual artists; giving them the tools to succeed critically and commercially in the global art marketplace. The Rele Arts Foundation (RAF) announced this year’s edition with a selection of young Nigerian artists to watch out for.

These five bright, and promising young artists use diverse techniques and skills to produce art through different mediums. The themes they have work on this year are feminism, cultural and self identity, racial boundaries, and duality of human nature. The resulting exhibition is an indication of a younger generation contributing their artistic voice to societal issues.


Meet the artists and look out for profiles of individual artists over the coming days:

Rewa, 29, a self taught artist; commits to paper all the things it means to be an urban nomad; disconnected from your starting destination but not quite at home in new location. Her Travellers series is a triptych representation of moving through societal, racial and cultural boundaries.

Ezekiel, 24, a painter; has chosen the use of colours in adaptation of the Fauvism and naturalism movement; he will be exploring how man is shaped and influenced by his environment.

Marcellina, 27, is a mixed media artist, a mother to a woman-in- progress; she urges you to look at her works and contribute to the conversation on how to make the world a better place for generations of women to come.

Oladimeji, 26, is the only photographer in the group, and will be using his lens as a map to navigate the duality of human nature and the hard questions surrounding the creation story

Sejiro, 26, the most conceptual and experimental of the group. His series “Physiognomical Distinction” will question the act of predicting or judging a person’s character and personality by mare looking at the outward appearance

With support from the Rele Arts Foundation, each one of the 2017 selected artists were awarded a grant to produce the body of work that will make up the exhibition.

The #YoungContemporaries2017 exhibition opens to the public on Sunday January 15th, 2017 –  3pm at Rele Gallery (5 Military Street, Onikan Lagos).

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Lagos to London: Here are the African Art Exhibitions You Can’t Miss

From Lagos to London, there are three major African art exhibitions you can’y afford to miss. Rele gallery is currently showcasing the works of Asiko. Gallery of African Art has opened their gallery for an exhibition that crosses boundaries and Omenka gallery will be displaying a hyperrealist art exhibition titled insanity.

Gallery of African Art: Africa My Africa

Connecting Boundaries is the theme of a new joint exhibition curated by the Gallery Of African Art (GAFRA) and Lahd Gallery. Each gallery is represented by two prominent artists, connecting an “invisible pyramid” that unites North, East and West Africa. The four artists featured all possess a unique kinship with Africa’s rich and ever-diversifying culture. GAFRA is pleased to present the Ethiopian artist Daniel Soresa and the Nigerian artist, Olayanju Dada. They are exhibited alongside Edward Akrout and Patrick Altes from Lahd Gallery.


Rele Gallery Lagos: The Adorned Series by Asiko

Over the weekend, Rele Gallery opened its doors to the public to celebrate the launch of the first solo exhibition in Nigeria for U.K based Nigerian photographer –  Asiko. The exhibition titled ‘The Adorned Series’ is a collection of 44 pieces that captures women in powerful poses. The photographer uses portraiture and mixed media to bring his vision to life.


On walking into the gallery, you are hit with ‘Ori Okan’, which is one of the mixed media works. In this particular piece, the model is in a contemplative pose and is beautifully adorned in intricate jewelry. It is a commentary on how various cultures adorn themselves and Asiko uses this as a means to explore female sensuality and strength. In this piece and with the rest, Asiko uses his lens to inspire the feeling of awe.

This exhibition is one that has to be experienced for oneself. This exhibition ends on 20 November .



Omenka Gallery: iNSaNiTY

Opening Wednesday November 12th and ending 23rd December, Omenka gallery opens iNSaNiTY, an exhibition that explores the theme of hyperrealist art.

The artists exhibiting are Seyi Alabi, Ayo Filade, Kenechukwu Nwadiogu, Oscar Ukonu, Alex Peter, Isimi Taiwo, Arinze Stanley, Ifeyinwa Joy Chiamonwu, Adeyemi David, Raji Abdul-Gaffar Bamidele.



Dressing up Nigerian has finally come full circle. Rele Gallery, leading contemporary art gallery made sure of that this past weekend.

From being allotted glossy pages of lifestyle magazines, to black and white ones in soft sells, to being touted in online media, and Instagram pages of fashion tastemakers, dressing up Nigerian has for the first time gotten its due in artistic form, in a career-defining exhibition, by illustrator and visual artist, Ibe Ananaba.

The exhibition, titled “Selense” opened last weekend at Rele Gallery.

Selense is a collection of 30-odd pieces that capture the bombastic Nigerian spirit of dressing. In generous strokes, oils and colour, the artist brings to life, women from runways, dandies from the street, show-offs and statement makers for whom extravagance is a statement to be made.

Selense, literally means to show off.

The artist also captures how we as a people perform this extravagance in the midst of Nigeria’s problems and quite often, in spite of it.

Guests also enjoyed Cointreau’s selection of Cointreau Fizz cocktails, while they fed their eyes and minds with works on display.

You will be well advised to come see it yourself, if you haven’t. The exhibition is open until September 26th 2016.

angel-keside-anosike-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Angel Keside Anosike
abraham-ogbahase-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Abraham Ogbahase
dennis-osadebe-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Dennis Osadebe
bidemi-zakariyau-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Bidemi Zakariyau
azu-nwabogu-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Azu Nwabogu
ayodeji-rotinwa-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Ayodeji Rotinwa
erinola-odugbesan-thomas-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Derinola Odugbesan Thomas
dozie-asinobi-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Dozie Asinobi
enyinna-anumudu-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Enyinna Anumudu
Exhibition-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Ibe Ananaba

Exhibition-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos Exhibition-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos

osione-itegboje-abraham-ogbahase-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Osione Itegboje Abraham Ogbahase

-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos -Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos Art-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos.


Photos! Rele Gallery & Fat Bastard Introduce 2016’s Young Contemporaries to Watch in New Exhibition

Last Sunday, Lagos’s young art cognoscenti, enthusiasts, artists, tastemakers came out in numbers to see the launch of Young Contemporaries 2016, Rele Gallery’s premier exhibition for the year, in collaboration with wine company, Fat Bastard.

The exhibition featured five fast-rising, promising artists; all under the age of 30 who the gallery reckons will be the ones to shake up Nigeria’s art establishment this year or at least will be ones to watch out for. The artists are Dipo Doherty, Logor Oluwamuyiwa, Eloghosa Osunde, Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu, and Ayobola Kekere-Ekun.

Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibtition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibtition (1)

The exhibition seemed to have struck a chord in the art community gauging by the impressive attendance of the young. In this sense, Rele Gallery seems to be leading the way. It is making good on its mission promise to trigger a newfound appreciation of the arts and raise a new generation of enthusiasts, collectors, appreciators and so on.

Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibtition (1)

Before Sunday, it was near impossible to have seen such a multitude of twenty to thirty something year olds in an art gallery. They would be more at home at a concert. The group was also quick to put their money where they newfound interest is. So not only is the gallery mining new followership, its digging out new consumers and customers too.

The art of course was not the only belle of the ball. Recently launched wine company, Fat Bastard also had its fair share of attention. The French establishment touched base in Nigeria last December and has been a hit in art circles since with guests enjoying its rich Red option and the pleasantly sharp yet light White.

Rele-Fat-bastard-art-exhibition-2016 (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1) Rele-Art-Gallery-Lagos-Fat-bastard-2016-exhibition (1)

The Young Contemporaries Exhibition is on till the 29th of January 2016.


Nigerian Art: 2016 Young Contemporaries – An Exhibition of Rele Gallery Opens in Lagos

Who’s ready for the 2016 Young Contemporaries opens at Rele art gallery Lagos?  Check the latest exhibition with 5 amazing Nigerian artists.

In line with its aim to trigger a newfound appreciation of the arts and help nurture a new generation of visual artists, Rele has in the past year been observing, collecting and supporting young talents whom it believes have the right balance of potential, work ethic and drive to occupy a new roster of accomplished artists, in the future.

Believing that the time is nigh for their artistic voice to be amplified and boldly predicting that they will be ones to watch out for and to shake up the art establishment in the next 300-something days, Rele Gallery proudly presents these artists anew to the world in an introductory exhibition.

The exhibition features Logor Oluwamuyiwa, Dennis Osadebe, Dipo Doherty, Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu, Eloghosa Osunde and Ayobola Kekere-Ekun.

Each artist possesses a unique voice, eye and message and have created conversational work that addresses urgent, topical issues, showing that contrary to popular opinion, the young (and yes, the artistic ones) show a commitment to engage the space around them and contribute to pressing matters arising…


In his bird’s eye photography captures landscapes, the city of Lagos in a way that is still and stark. His characters are unsuspecting passers-by, bridges, road signs… His is a Lagos that is rid of colour and vibrancy and yet possesses a chilling beauty that we may not have seen otherwise…



In her body of work preoccupies herself with the city, albeit one area in particular – one of its most popular, noisiest and historic districts: Obalende. She explores here, in a way that invites rethought, considering themes of “abandonment, of absconding, of settling, of being left to one’s own devices and eventually, making a home out of what one is given…”


Ayobola Kekere-Ekun

The queen quiller uses the abstract to pose a very urgent question to all of us – Why do you use culture as an excuse not to grow, not to look inwards, not to probe uncomfortable topics or situations? Many of those topics, currently tending spring to mind – feminism, rape, misogyny, tribalism, sexuality, gender roles. Culture is consistently used as an excuse to skirt or blatantly ignore these hot topics. This artist says… Never again.



Dipo Doherty

An artist of unapologetic ambition, Doherty stands at the intersection of culture and science with his large-scale paintings. Inspired by big bangs in his mind, and the reality of breakthroughs in life and his science, he has created a towering series of works that will not overwhelm but envelope you. You may not complain.


Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu

A visual storyteller who marries different mediums of artistic expression, sometimes all at once, Ukoha-Kalu is a prodigy becoming. She has created a series of drawings and paintings titled ‘All of His Things’ modelled after the life of a fictional character. She has created a world of colour, of form, of pattern and vibrancy. You may enter.


Art in Lagos! Creative Disruption… Rele Gallery Collaborates With Samsung

#TechMeetsArtNG as Lagos-based Rele art gallery collaborates with Samsung Electronics West Africa on art exhibition and art competition. 


Remember when we posted a behind-the-scene image from Rele art gallery (SEE IT HERE)?

We are thrilled to inform you that the exhibition had a successful opening event and you definitely need to see the art works on display.

The exhibition themed, ‘Interactions: Crossing Lines’ is led by the powerful visual artist duo of Soji Adesina and Uthman Wahaab. The body of work by Wahaab and Adesina deconstructs the concept of how drawings can interact with the gallery space. The drawings are in rhythm and movement, travelling seamlessly from the drawing surface of canvas and paper, to the walls of the gallery and finally into digital spaces via Samsung tablet devices.

Running alongside the exhibition is an art competition where participants are required to submit an art work (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, video art & mixed media work) that fits into the aforementioned theme, as illustrated by the work of artist duo Soji Adesina and Uthman Wahaab. Details can be found at:www.techmeetsart.ng


The exhibition ends on 13th of September 2015.


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Rele Gallery Presents: An Evening with Toni Kan & Victor Ehikhamenor|Interactions, Readings & Raffle Draw!

rele-gallery-reading-TheGlowingColours-Toni Kan & Victor Ehikhameno



Spend the weekend in the vibrant and fast-growing Lagos art scene! Check out what Rele Gallery has in plans for the weekend.

Rele gallery is pleased to announce its first reading, featuring award winning writer, poet and journalist, Toni Kan reading alongside, award winning artist, photographer and writer, Victor Ehikhamenor on Sunday August 9, 2015.

Guests would be treated to usually tragic and often risque pieces from Toni Kan as well as rib-cracking and deeply reflective pieces from Victor Ehikhamenor as they read from old works like “Nights of the Creaking Bed” and “Excuse Me” as well as from new and unpublished works.

Speaking about the event Adenrele Sonariwo who runs Rele gallery, said

“Toni and Victor are very recognizable as a tag team by the Lagos literary and artistic community but this is the first time the two friends will be reading together even though they collaborated on an art exhibition two years ago, which we were privileged to have curated. The reading will provide guests a handle on their works as well as a unique window into their creative processes in an open and highly interactive space.”

Toni Kan who publishes sabinews.com is the author of Nights of the Creaking Bed, When A Dream Lingers too long and Ballad of Rage while Victor Ehikhamenor is the author of Sordid Ritual, Excuse Me and a well traveled and garlanded artist.

Early birds and winners of a raffle draw will receive posters and signed artwork featuring words and art from Toni Kan and Victor Ehikhamenor.

Art Exhibition Lagos: Rele Gallery Presents the ‘Lagos: Hustle and Hope’ Exhibition

Rele Gallery Presents the ‘Lagos: Hustle and Hope’ Exhibition - The GlowingColours


An exhibition that captures the essence of Lagos. Find the details of Lagos-based art gallery Rele Gallery’s latest exhibition, titled ‘Lagos: Hustle and Hope’.


Rele Gallery is pleased to announce the first of the ‘Lagos: Hustle and Hope’ Exhibition series.

The exhibition, which will run for three weeks, will open with a reception from 6pm on March 25, 2015, at 5 Military Street, Onikan, Lagos.

Lagos: Hustle and Hope captures the dynamic nature of the city-state Lagos and the hustle that characterizes its aspirational residents and their hope for a better future. The exhibition features talented photographers based in Lagos, who have, either in the course of personal adventure and/or career, travelled the length and breadth of city, capturing the beauty and unexpected moments. Lagos is home to about 17 Million people who believe it is the land of dreams, yet the rate at which the city changes has always been a source of amazement; the people, a repository of stories; and the living itself a roller coaster.

The past four years -over which these works were created – have been a period of growth for Lagos, economically and population-wise. Lagos: Hustle and Hope reflects the Last four years while looking forward to the next four. The exhibition will be interactive in nature, featuring a polling booth installation that simulates the election process, in the spirit of what will be the most decisive general elections Nigeria has seen since the return to democracy in 1999.

“The ‘Lagos: Hustle And Hope’ Exhibition is curated by Adebola Rayo.

For inquiries,email art@rele.co or call +2347063785013


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