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African Art – You Can’t Miss These Exhibitions in 2018

We’re witnessing an incredible variety of events in the African art world. We’ve put together a list of exhibitions opening in February from London, Lagos and South Africa.

Do you know about a new gallery that showcases African art? Drop us a note about them.



Etiyé Dimma Poulsen and Stacey Okparavero Take Gallery of African Art

Ethiopian artist Etiyé Dimma Poulsen and Nigerian artist Stacey Okparavero are taking the lead at Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) in London opening tonight. Why don’t you show them some love and come over tonight for the opening event. Don’t forget of course to RSVP.

Venue: Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), 45 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JL

Taiye Idahor Will be at Tyburn Gallery for ‘ÒKHÙO’ Exhibition

From February 9 to May 9, 2018, Tyburn Gallery, London will present Òkhùo, a solo exhibition of recent works by contemporary Nigerian artist Taiye Idahor. Working within media as diverse as sculpture, collage, drawing, and installation, she explores layers of themes which are simultaneously universal and intimate, expressing female and African identity within the broader contexts of history, tradition and globalisation.

The private view is on Thursday 8 February, 6 – 8:30pm. There’s also an artist talk during the reception evening . Time: 6-6:30pm

Tafeta Gallery Has George Osodi’s Royalty on Display

From January 17 to February 12, 2018, Tafeta Gallery, London will present Royalty, a solo exhibition featuring works from George Osodi’s well-travelled series ‘Nigerian Monarchs’. The artist works in colour and combines critical reportage with artistic documentary photography. His subjects are mostly social, economic and ecological exploitation of man and nature in the Niger Delta.

SOAS Looks at Legacies of Biafra

From January 11 to March 21, 2018, Brunei Gallery will present Legacies of Biafra, a group exhibition featuring works predominantly from the artistic collective Nigeria Art Society UK (NASUK), which will be exhibited alongside archival materials on the war, oral narratives of those who lived through the war and a selection of short films. In an exploration of Britain and Biafra, the exhibition will showcase material from the personal archive of the late British-Nigerian writer Buchi Emecheta, which sheds light on the experience of watching the war in one’s homeland unfold through the lens of the international media.

Participating artists include Ade Ogundimu, Chinwe Chukuogo Roy (MBE), Imoesi Imhonigie, Obi Okigbo, Raymond Soko, Titus Agbara, Toni Ndikanwu, Edosa Oguigo, Ndidi Dike, Ngozi Schommers, Onyema Offoedu-Okeke and Uzo Egonu


Wallen Mapondera: Samusha Weiri Dongo

From January 20 to February 24, 2018, SMAC Gallery, Johannesburg will present Samusha weiri Dongo, an exhibition of recent work by Zimbabwean artist Wallen Mapondera.


At Work: Exhibition Open until February 9th!

At Work, the Arthouse Foundation Artist Residency Exhibition, is open until Friday, February 9th!
Kia Showroom, 43B Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
10 AM – 5 PM

At Work features projects by Francois BeaurainNengi OmukuKadara EnyeasiThierry OussouJimmy NwanneGloria Oyarzabal Lodge andChristian Newby, created during the artists’ three-month residencies with the Arthouse Foundation in 2017. With a prompt to experiment with new forms and ideas that were inspired by their experiences in Lagos, these artists question how we interact and move within the urban environment and how cultural identity is framed through complex social and political forces.

What’s New – HER STORY: Sisterhood That Transcends At Gallery Of African Art

Gallery of African Art London presents HER STORY: Sisterhood That Transcends. From 22nd September until 21st of October, the Mayfair gallery will be showcasing the art works of Nigerian artist REWA and photographer Dagmar Van Weeghel.
While listening to a podcast yesterday Oprah asked a very interesting question that does not seem to go away. “What is the new role of women?” referring to the role of women in the modern world. This exhibition comes right in time to shed some light to this.

It’s been often said that in times of uncertainty that the arts have a key role to play. Perhaps to lead discussions on controversial themes or to stir people’s consciousness? The role of women and gender equality are relevant and GAFRA is bringing them to centre stage in this new showcase.

Artists REWA and Dagmar Van Weeghel are exploring female identity in “HER STORY: Sisterhood That Transcends”. Her story (that of a woman) includes roles women play i.e. mother, sister, daughter, friend, lover. There is a connection that all women share which binds them together – Sisterhood. Through “Her Story”, the current exhibition seeks to celebrate and uplift womanhood.

 “All women play a part in a ‘Sisterhood that Transcends.'”

This is exciting to read and we’re even more excited to see the show on Thursday. Each artwork that will be shown, has a unique story and representation. REWA will be displaying her new body of work titled: ONICHA ADO N’IDU (Naming Rites & Traditions of the Igbos of Nigeria).

REWA Somadina, 2017 Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)_sisterhood

REWA is a self-taught visual artist. From an early age, she was encouraged to experience and appreciate art. She grew up in London where she started her professional career. Travelling widely, she now calls London, Lagos and Johannesburg home. Each of these cities has played a role in her artistic practice – fortifying her and emotionally challenging her life perspectives.

REWA tells Gallery of African Art that her works are not necessarily portraiture. She comments “My spirit is neither moved by landscapes, nor by still-life or portraiture, but rather by what I refer to as “depicted sentience” through the celebration of the female form in bright, vivid colours.”
Through ONICHA ADO N’IDU , REWA celebrates the women in her culture. She pays homage to the relevance of “naming rites” and how they shape and create a path for the individual. The objective is to help the viewer to identify a certain part of “her women” within themselves.

REWA says it best: “My subject matter is WOMAN – I celebrate her in her many forms. I use traditional materials: ink, acrylic paints and brush on cartridge paper to capture an essence — making the paint assemble and the ink announce. I want my audience, whether male or female, to look at one of my women and be able to identify with her story and the meaning behind her name. I want her to represent a message, a memory, a story or a prayer for the viewer.”

Dagmar Van Weeghel Lapis Lazuli, 2016-Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)_sisterhood

For Dagmar Van Weeghel, creating a narrative is an essential element of her photography. African women play a central role in her compositions. Major themes explored by Van Weeghel’s works include identity and African
women’s migration within the diaspora. She also delves deeply into the subjects of cultural assimilation, exotification, racism and sisterhood.

Her portraits are beautiful and ethereal, the story behind them intriguing. Each work takes the viewer on a journey, exploring the women depicted in the stories they tell, captured through the eyes of the artist. The relationship between the women and Van Weeghel is symbiotic.

A bond of sisterhood is formed – a union that transcends race and class, one that creates a “safe space” for stories to come forth and be shared. Van Weeghel says: “I tell stories that advocate for the strength of people, especially for women and girls. I seek to offer another perspective on the way people see the world, and each other, through the stories I tell visually.”

Exhibition Information:
Private View: Thursday, 21st September, 2017 | 6 – 8:30pm
Exhibition: 22nd September – 28th October 2017
Artist Talk: Saturday, 23rd September 2017 | 2-4pm
Visitor Information
Opening times: Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm and Saturday, 11am – 5pm
Admission: FREE
Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) 45 Albemarle Street London W1S 4JL
Nearest Underground Station: Green Park (Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines)

Lagos to London: Upcoming African Art Exhibitions in June [Part 2]

Check out our picks of the upcoming African art exhibitions in June currently on show at some of the world’s best art galleries.




22nd JUNE 2017

If you’re looking for an authentic African art exhibition in June then you mustn’t miss the exception Gallery of African Art. The Mayfair-based gallery will be featuring the work of Nelson Makamo.

Nelson Mkamo is a South African artist, based in Johannesburg and will be showcasing his first solo exhibition in the UK with Gallery of African Art.

We stopped by Gallery of African Art in Mayfair last week and they are on top of the preparation like i’ve never seen before. It’s a big deal!!!

If you’re keen to see some stunning portraiture, be there on the 22nd for the opening. We will not be missing the talk with the artist on Saturday, which is the most engaging part of an art showcase in our opinion anyway.

Makamo’s work is strongly influenced by the daily life of South Africans, with great emphasis on the portrayal of the innocence of children in the rural areas. Facial expressions, features, emotions, and body language all come to life in his canvas. The artist uses variety of mediums such as: charcoal, oil paints, watercolour, silkscreen, monotype printing techniques, and pen and ink.


About The Gallery Of African Art (GAFRA):

The Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) aims to present established and emerging artists to new audiences within the global art market.

Exhibition Information:

Private View: Thursday, 22nd June | 6 – 9pm

Exhibition: 23rd June – 9th September 2017

Visitor Information

Opening times: Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm | Saturday, 11am-5pm

Admission: FREE

Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), 45 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JL

Nearest Underground Station: Green Park (Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines)




Art Exhibitions in June-TheGlowingColours-2017

Lagos is buzzing with interesting art exhibitions like never seen before.

In times where political and social awareness have become undeniably present in people’s mouth. This Lagos-based artist is bringing the topic to centre stage at Omenka Gallery.

Adeola Balogun will be showcasing Bubbles of Emotions from June 17 to July 1, 2017 at Omenka Gallery.

The artist Adeola Balogun describes Bubbles of Emotion as a body of work that attempt to reflect on heart-wrenching narratives both at my immediate environmental and at global space; the atmosphere has never been this charged! “Over the years, the polity had been polluted by bad governance; ethno-racism/nepotism, social injustice and corruption, all the vices becoming intractable and a constant barrage in our collective psyche. Frustration had led many to embark on perilous journey in foreign climes, seeking for greener pasture where it does not exist.”

I don’t think you’re allowed to leave this exhibition without feeling awake in terms of issues related to social justice and current affairs. Definitely one to go to.




9 JUNE – 15 JULY 2017

Ndidi for president…

London Gallery Rosenfeld Porcini is showcasing the art works of the incredible Nigerian artist Ndidi Emefiele for the first time. Although the art has held several art exhibitions across the world, this showcase comes just when we needed it.

We’ve seen Ndidi’s work evolve so beautifully. For the past 9 months, she has worked on a new body of work which is now on display in the Rosenfeld Porcini gallery space. As usual, her works centre primarily on independent, self-reliant, fun, free-spirit, assertive and combative characters. Created via mixed media and aimed to stir a conversation on the role of women within contemporary Nigerian society.

Ndidi’s works are influential and you will understand why many years to come.

If you haven’t seen Ndidi’s works before, this is the occasion to definitely pop over to Rosenfeld Porcini.


37 Rathbone Street, London W1T 1NZ
Telephone: +44 [0]20 7637 1133


There is also an entrance to the gallery at

36 Newman Street, London W1T 1QH

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 11-7pm
Saturday 11–6pm


General enquiriesinfo@rosenfeldporcini.com

Press enquiriespress@rosenfeldporcini.com

Johannesburg to Lagos: Upcoming African Art Exhibitions Summer 2017 [Part 1]

We love June so much. Not just for the lasting sunshine but for the incredible African art exhibitions happening around the globe. Whether you an African art dealer, enthusiast, gallery owner or even an artist, you can’t afford to miss this.

From modern and fancy, to classical and serene, we’ve got your next art outing sorted.

Here are our picks of highly anticipated art exhibitions at Africa’s leading art galleries that you must not miss:



Exhibitions in June-TheGlowingColours-2017
10 June – 1 July 2017

In The Rhetoric of the Image, Roland Barthes defines the advertising image as the most ‘intentional’ kind of image. Indeed, the messages behind adverts are direct and unambiguous to achieve their – supposedly – singular aim: selling the product.

Hank Willis Thomas is a photo conceptual artist who works with themes related to identity, history and popular culture. He joined Goodman Gallery in 2010 and has been exhibiting with the gallery since then.

You can’t deny the role of advertisements in our society. From influencing what we eat, wear, think, drink, dream and what we buy. While the tole of advertisers have sort of evolved drastically thanks to social media and analytics, this art exhibition sheds light on the role of black men in adverts.




In Ads Imitate Life, I expose the backward attitudes that continue to pervade American advertising, undermining the neat narrative of ‘progress’ that countries like the US hold dear.

– Hank Willis Thomas

Ads Imitate Life features work from three celebrated series by Hank Willis Thomas, titled: Branded, Unbranded: Reflections in Black Corporate America and Unbranded White Woman, allowing for an in-depth investigation into the visual language strategies of advertising and the cultural stereotypes in which they are rooted.





June 3 – August 30, 2017

Get the feeling that this would be a  good exhibition? Indeed we trust Temple Muse to deliver.

In a rare glimpse into her world, Titi Omoighe showcases the inner workings of her mind with 34 paintings in Modern Interpretations.

Omoighe’s works can be split in three main themes. Recent Works that show her ability to take risks and exploration of new techniques and subjects. The Hunter Series which is inspired by D.O. Fagunwa’s book “Ogboju Ode ninu Igbo Irunmale”, translated into English by Wole Soyinka as ‘Forest of a Thousand Daemons’. The final theme, Tradition & Culture focuses on the way of life of the African people, while also exploring the indigenous and focusing on different groups, values and cultures.




Art Exhibitions in June-TheGlowingColours-2017

This centre of this subject is hair – just you know. Gary Stephens is taking his talent to Johannesburg to showcase his works on African traditional hair-braiding. It doesn’t end there, the US born artist is also bringing hats, headscarves and contemporary urban style to Everard Gallery.

The first time we saw an exhibition focusing on hair was by the prolific Nigerian photographer J.D ‘Okhai Ojeikere. This was at the Venice Biennale a couple of years ago.

Stephens portrays women in head scarves or men wearing caps to focus attention on the power of these “everyday” symbols of African life.

The drawings capturing a view from behind, focus on the iconic power of a subject’s hair or hat instead of their specific facial features.

From a visual perspective, he is constantly drawn to patterns and visual rhythms, such as geometric repetitions, textile patterns, or botanical shapes.

If you’re in Johannesburg, go over to Everard and support this art exhibition. You don’t get to see ornate hairstyles and headdresses everyday.

Address: Everard Read / CIRCA Johannesburg 2 & 6 Jellicoe Avenue Johannesburg, 2196

Email: gallery@everard.co.za

African Art Guide: Gallery of African Art London Opens My Roots by Marie-Geneviève Morin

The Gallery Of African Art (GAFRA) opened its doors to guests for the preview of art exhibition by artist M. As we entered into the gallery in Mayfair, London on Thursday evening, we caught the feeling that something great just happened. The artist M, whose full name is Marie-Geneviève Morin, was also present at the grand opening. A splash of colourful art works perfectly displayed on the first floor. On the basement, the artist had huge black nylon bag painted with the same glowing colours that characterised her works placed on the pedestals. Some art works were also found on the ceiling and some eye catching painted vinyl-like art works lined up on the wall.

Marie-Geneviève Morin-GalleryofAfricanArt

Marie-Geneviève Morin is unique. She started her artistic journey over 3 years ago and has produced an array of works that are breathtaking and captures her state of mind. She is recognised for her intense, raw and passionate style of working with multi-media materials.

Gallery of African Art London, which opened in 2013 predominantly exhibits 20th-century and Contemporary Art from the African region and its Diaspora. M is Canadian and has Haitian heritage. She mentioned in the opening that she has a deep desire to discover her roots. GAFRA commented that her works are particularly unique and the inspiration behind her works are so touching that she had to be showcased without a doubt.

breaks with conventional rules, instructions and expectations by being unplanned, unstudied and unapologetic. Working mainly in large format, she attacks the canvas with a visceral process she calls “trashing” and uses her hand as a palette board. Each of M’s paintings represents the time, physical space and mood she inhabits in the moment, as opposed to offering interpretations or commentary of the world she lives in. As such, the characters, icons and messages that appear on the canvas harness her channelled energy and emotional state of mind. M’s work is deeply personal; it represents her quest to further understand her heritage, discover her identity and pay homage to her Haitian roots.

The Gallery Of African Art (GAFRAwill show the exhibition from 12th May – 17th June 2017.


Visitor Information

Opening times: Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm | Saturday, 11am-5pm

Admission: FREE

Address: Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), 45 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JL

Nearest Underground Station: Green Park (Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines)

From Our Instagram Feed: My Roots by Marie-Geneviève Morin

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Colours & Light – GAFRA New Exhibition of Artist Daniel Soresa is a Must See

Gallery of African Art is setting up another spectacular exhibition opening this Thursday! Ethiopian artist Daniel Soresa will have his work on display in the London-based gallery from 23rd February – 1st April 2017.  As the artist’s first solo exhibition in the UK, he will be bringing an arsenal of experiences through his extensive travel across the globe and immersion in different cultures. His fascination with colours and light as well as his art and personal views are hugely influenced by his experiences and travels. Born in Addis Ababa in 1978, Daniel moved to Barcelona at the age of 6, where he was introduced to the works of Catalan artists like Gaudí and Tàpies whose works have continued to inspire him. During his time in Barcelona, he attended San Salvador School until the age of 13 when he returned to live in Ethiopia. There, Soresa continued his studies at the Italian Cultural Institute, pursuing his interest in the history of art.

Through his practise, he explores his multi-cultural identity – forming a union between his heritage, culture and life experiences. According to the gallery’s press release:

Soresa’s abstract works are born of a medley of colours and are elaborated with pigments and full of texture. Texture adds another dimension to his works. The layers on the canvas create their own mysteries – drawing the viewer in to look closer, revealing intricate details, concealing narratives – all while adding depth and character. Soresa saturates the canvas creating rich works of art – the fusion of hues is intense. Reflecting the visual imagery that fascinated him as a youth, he also focuses on the importance of light and how it impacts a piece.

As an artist Daniel Soresa describes his works as having, “a strong influence of African art, but seen with a western perspective.Through my work I try to find the balance between the contradictions of everything that surrounds me…”

Soresa is captivated by the synergy between colour and light. He remains in constant search of colour and the emotions that it brings. His works are infused with vivid pigments and filled with rich textures– presenting a medley of vibrant colours and cultural references as see in the image below. His artistry has gained him so many accolades as well Last summer, Soresa was selected to participate in the Young African Talent Artists in Denmark Global Art (Dronninglund, Denmark).

Daniel Soresa Lesbos, 2016 - Courtesy of the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)_February-2017

Exhibition Information:

Private View: Thursday, 23rd February 2017 | 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Exhibition: 23rd February – 1st April 2017

Visitor Information Opening times: Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm and Saturday, 11am – 5pm

Admission: FREE

Address: Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) 45 Albemarle Street London W1S 4JL Nearest Underground Station: Green Park (Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines)

We will be viewing the works of artist Daniel Soresa at Gallery of African Art on Saturday. Drop us a note if you will be there. Tag us in the photos as well :).

Lagos to London: Here are the African Art Exhibitions You Can’t Miss

From Lagos to London, there are three major African art exhibitions you can’y afford to miss. Rele gallery is currently showcasing the works of Asiko. Gallery of African Art has opened their gallery for an exhibition that crosses boundaries and Omenka gallery will be displaying a hyperrealist art exhibition titled insanity.

Gallery of African Art: Africa My Africa

Connecting Boundaries is the theme of a new joint exhibition curated by the Gallery Of African Art (GAFRA) and Lahd Gallery. Each gallery is represented by two prominent artists, connecting an “invisible pyramid” that unites North, East and West Africa. The four artists featured all possess a unique kinship with Africa’s rich and ever-diversifying culture. GAFRA is pleased to present the Ethiopian artist Daniel Soresa and the Nigerian artist, Olayanju Dada. They are exhibited alongside Edward Akrout and Patrick Altes from Lahd Gallery.


Rele Gallery Lagos: The Adorned Series by Asiko

Over the weekend, Rele Gallery opened its doors to the public to celebrate the launch of the first solo exhibition in Nigeria for U.K based Nigerian photographer –  Asiko. The exhibition titled ‘The Adorned Series’ is a collection of 44 pieces that captures women in powerful poses. The photographer uses portraiture and mixed media to bring his vision to life.


On walking into the gallery, you are hit with ‘Ori Okan’, which is one of the mixed media works. In this particular piece, the model is in a contemplative pose and is beautifully adorned in intricate jewelry. It is a commentary on how various cultures adorn themselves and Asiko uses this as a means to explore female sensuality and strength. In this piece and with the rest, Asiko uses his lens to inspire the feeling of awe.

This exhibition is one that has to be experienced for oneself. This exhibition ends on 20 November .



Omenka Gallery: iNSaNiTY

Opening Wednesday November 12th and ending 23rd December, Omenka gallery opens iNSaNiTY, an exhibition that explores the theme of hyperrealist art.

The artists exhibiting are Seyi Alabi, Ayo Filade, Kenechukwu Nwadiogu, Oscar Ukonu, Alex Peter, Isimi Taiwo, Arinze Stanley, Ifeyinwa Joy Chiamonwu, Adeyemi David, Raji Abdul-Gaffar Bamidele.


Check Out The Images From Gallery of African Art Style Fusion Art Exhibition

It was an absolute pleasure to visit Gallery of African Art in Mayfair London for their latest art exhibition. ÀSÌKÒ AND EVANS MBUGUA are the artists showcasing their pieces in the gallery. The Gallery’s first floor shows artistically shot images by Asiko juxtaposed with natural light coming from the gallery entrance. On the other hand, the gallery basement  sees the works of the Kenyan artist who now resides in Paris.

While the works of the two artists defer aesthetically, one thing we learnt through speaking with them was their love for humanity and most especially celebrating women. Women play a very central role in Asiko’s works, who credits this influence to her mother and relatives. During our Q & A with him he adds that he can’t seem to define women because women are uniquely made and finds it hard to define even though they are key subject in his work.

The pop of colour that radiates through Evans work made us really happy (‘glowing colours’). His works could remind you of a bit of

Chris Ofili as one of the visitors pointed out and some may assume there might be an influence of Andy Warhol in his work. The dots on the portraits may as well remind you of the legendary Yayoi Kusama but there is something about the pieces being showcased at Gallery of African Art. From the stories behind each character in Evans’ work to the process of producing each art piece using digital and traditional methods, we couldn’t imagine but be in awe of the brilliant works of the artist.

This exhibition as well as the opportunity to be in the artist talk hosted by the Gallery was an incredible experience. We definitely recommend visiting the gallery to check out the exhibition and subscribe to their mailing list to get updates on the next artist talk.

Check out some shots from the GAFRA’s art exhibition opening:

gallery-of-african-art-art-exhibition-london-september-theglowingcolours gallery-of-african-art-art-exhibition-london-september-theglowingcolours gallery-of-african-art-art-exhibition-london-september-theglowingcolours gallery-of-african-art-art-exhibition-london-september-theglowingcolours gallery-of-african-art-art-exhibition-london-september-theglowingcolours gallery-of-african-art-art-exhibition-london-september-theglowingcolours

Image Credit: GAFRA


Global African Profiles – Daniela Ribeiro & Ndidi Emefiele Exhibition Ends 3rd July 2016

Acclaimed African artists Daniela Ribeiro and Ndidi Emefiele are exhibiting their art works in a new exhibition titled Global African Profiles at London-based Gallery of African Art (GAFRA). Ending 3rd July, the exhibition features the intriguing works of the Angolan artist and Nigerian artist in such an intriguing new way.

NdidiEmefiele-Daniela Ribeiro-GalleryofAfricanArt-TheGlowingColours

Get To Know Daniel Ribeiro & Ndidi Emefiele:

Daniela Ribeiro’s art is an intriguing and stimulating sensorial experience that explores the dynamic facets of man’s ingenuity as he continuously pushes the boundaries of technology. Ribeiro is inspired by the impact technology has had on the world. She explores how the advent of technology has allowed man to create a bionic version of self, which allows him to connect with everyone and everything. “I feel motivated by the impact of social transformations caused by technology. The transition from a childhood in nature to adulthood in the western society, forced me to exchange my concept of reality and allowed me to understand the differences between developed and growing civilisations. In scientific surrealism, I found a critical way of expressing my sensitivity to the coincidence of different cultures and the way they respond to technological advance.”

Talk about where art meets technology -the artist makes use of recycled technological waste like mobile phone and computer parts, epoxy resins, vinyl and PVC to create lifelike figures. According to the artist they “embody the stigmata of technology” and yet, they are all intrinsically connected to the natural/real world – bringing a human essence to the works.

Ndidi Emefiele who is not a stranger to our platform is known for the feature of unconventional female figures and unique artistic aesthetic. The mixed-media artist consistently engages with the feminine form, exploring and questioning the social, cultural and religious norms which shape and define the role of women in society. Emefiele said the Rainbow Series is about her passion to “reframe the image of what I grew to know as an ideal woman in a way diametrically opposite to what still exist. I make bold images, endearing figures with piercing gazes of figures that embody the cultural battles over the body of the female.”

At 29, no subject is off limits, most especially the exploration of the identity of women within the confines of a restrictive society as dictated by tradition and culture, or her explorations of female sexual power. As seen in her Rainbow Brigades, where the characters are in suits, which traditionally symbolize power, but in this case, ‘the form fitting suit suggests some consideration for sex appeal”. Her art is bold and distinctive. Through her larger-than-life, fashion conscious characters with their ‘blingtastic’ retro eyewear, Emefiele successfully employs the art of recycling by using discarded materials that include compact discs, fabrics like Ankara and tulle, and scrap plastic. Her use of compact disc for her characters’ sunglasses have become a way of making a statement but for Emefiele, it is also a protection mechanism for the woman–a device that comes from her own experience of wanting to wear glasses as a child and as soon as she could get a pair, it became a shield, something that made her feel powerful.

The two artists have been featured both nationally and internationally and their art works can be found in art collections all over the world.

The Global African profiles exhibition continues till 3rd July at Gallery of African Art London and it’s an opportunity to learn more about the artists and African art at large.


We visited the Gallery of African art and couldn’t help but share some of the fun moments from the viewing.

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Make sure you check out the exhibition before the closing date. Find the details below.

Visitor Information Opening times: Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm and Saturday, 11am-5pm

Admission: free

Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), 45 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JL

Nearest Underground Station: Green Park (Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines)

info@gafraart.com, www.gafraart.com Press

Information For further press information please contact: Gallery of African Art

 Tel: 0207 287 7400 or Email: info@gafraart.com