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New Art Exhibition from Rele Gallery and Gallery of African Art

MIGRATION: The Stories of Two Artists with Patrick Altes & Ronald Muchatuta

We had the opportunity to attend the opening of Gallery of African Art‘s new art exhibition. A profound display and reflection on Migration. As usual the gallery didn’t disappoint. From presentation to content, the art display steered us to reflect on the concept of migration.


The artists featured are  Patrick Altes from Algeria and Ronald Muchatuta from Zimbabwe. Patrick’s works generally focus on the topics of colonialism and capitalism as he believes art should be a reflection of the environment we live in. Conversely, Ronald’s project deals with issues of immigration in Africa, determined to create awareness of the challenges African migrants face within and without the continent. As an immigrant himself, he uses art to tackle xenophobia and tribalism. “I try to unpack the stereotypes – missing links and the unmentioned or sidelined important aspects of the crisis.”


When We Are Not What We Are by Rele Gallery

Curated by Adenrele Sonariwo, Rele Gallery is presenting a n art exhibition about Sejiro Avoseh. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition opening on July 8th, 2018. It consists of four distinct series, this new body of work are assembled under the title “When We Are Not What We Are”. The exhibition’s title is construed as a metaphor that unravels the performative character of human beings as they respond to social and material conditions brought about by modern life and the society one finds oneself.

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