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Crazy How Much We Love This Ramandan Fashion Collection by Amnas

For Ramadan, emerging modest women’s wear brand, Amnas, is giving women options through their latest edit collection. It’s subtle and beautiful. Scroll below to read about the collection and see the images.Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)  Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)
The Creative Director, Fatima Gidado, derived excitement from being able to create an edit around a special event such as Ramadan; the significance of spirituality and celebration, and how this can be embodied in clothes.
She drew inspiration from the simplicity, fluidity and elegance of Middle-Eastern fashion, while staying true to the brand’s ethos of designing evolving clothes for today’s stylish and modest woman.
Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)
The collection edit features influencer, Hanifa Abubakar. The collection is anchored on a rich palette of neutral hues while paying attention to minimal and intricate beading on the reimagined traditional kaftan, boubous and kimono fit for the ‘Amnas woman’.
Brand: Amnas |@amnas.rtw|
Photography: Terna Iwar |@ternaiwar|
Styling: Fatima Gidado  |@fatimagidado_|
Models:Hanifa Abubakar   |@haniiiifa|
Makeup : Vugo |@vugo24|

Online Shopping Nigeria| Top 5 Fashion Online Stores In Nigeria 

 Looking for fashion online stores based in Nigeria? View the list of the top online shopping destinations for the Nigerian market.

Let’s face it, as a working class Nigerian woman going shopping unfortunately does not quite fit into your modern contemporary life. Weekends are spent chasing those coins and weekends for the most part lying in and catching up with whatever our guilty pleasure is.

In the last couple of years there has been a sudden increase in fashion individual or multi brand fashion online stores in Nigeria. From well known luxury boutiques that wisely decided to explore this new method of reaching out to as many customers as possible to new E- stores who recently came into the picture. You can now enjoy your online shopping happily.

See now our top 5 ranking fashion online stores:



Style needs a considerable amount of investment and this website is the best place to arm yourself with the latest designer trends. This store is targeted at women who genuinely love fashion and want to keep with the latest trends. Here you can find African designer clothes, shoes and even lingerie. For the woman that like to deck herself up in designer clothes and is not on budget, you are in luck because this store was made just for you.

                                    Shop 5th + Quansah here:http://www.5thandquansah.com



Where are all my high street lovers? This website is for you. For all your favorite high street brands please run over to this site. The website has this air of luxury, don’t worry this is luxury you can definitely afford. The online store boosts of high street Nigerian brands as well as Uk brands. The store just teamed up with Genevieve magazine to create the pink boutique, which is an exclusive sale for breast cancer charity. With free delivery in Lagos, you definitely want to give this store a try.

Thank me later 😉


                            Shop fashpa here: fashpa.com



Another high street store and undeniably one that offers best high street retail prices in Nigeria. This store is dedicated to bringing you the best of high street fashion to your doorstep and to prove their commitment to that have launched an online store delivering to all 36 states.  If you love the way the gorgeous model Zainab Balogun dresses be sure to head off to this site, as it is no secret she likes to shop there.



Shop MiskayBoutique here:  miskayboutique.com


Popularly known all over Africa as Mr Price, this South African retailer  just saved you a trip to the mall. The prices are in sane! And you are sure to find just about anything. The store not only targets men and women prices but even children. For everyday clothing I would definitely recommend this fashion forward store.

 Shop Mr Price here: mrp.com



Gtbank’s sme market hub allows different vendors to sell their items. If you are a woman that wants variety and is not afraid of too many options the market hub is the best place for you. The market place has every budget size in mind and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

    Shop the sme market hub here: thesmemarkethub.com

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Article penned by Fatima Gidado, a graduate of Journalism from the American University of Nigeria.