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Enigma Art Collective Presents Colourism Exhibition


Abuja art scene is becoming more and more vibrant with new art exhibitions opening in select locations.

Pop up gallery, Enigma Art Collective presents COLOUR.ISM, an exhibition set to open on April 28th, which brings on the centre stage, the problems of colour and identity.

According to the organisers, the meaning of COLOUR.ISM is the discrimination of human beings based on their skin colour and pigment. This exhibition looks at the lives of those human beings in our society who live without skin pigmentation- Albinos.

COLOUR.ISM evolved from a thirst to give a voice to the dismissed, presenting a stage for dialogue. By focusing our creative energy on moulding a social commentary with our audience, we gave this exhibition the content to create an emotional and ethereal experience.

For more info about the exhibition, visit www.cargocollective/enigmaart

Art Guide Abuja! Enigma Art Presents Womanish: Bodies as Identity



You read the title right!  A new exhibition will be holding in Abuja focused on celebrating women. Enigma Art needs your special attention  and attendance for their upcoming art exhibition WOMANISH: Bodies as Identity.

Enigma Art Collective is pleased to present WOMANISH: Bodies as Identity hosted by the newly opened Cafe de Vie.

WOMANISH: Bodies as Identity is a solo exhibition by artist, curator and designer Khenye Gager as part of the continued celebration of the women. This exhibition looks at Identity through a feminine perspective, capturing the process, conflicts and transformation of the female identity sexually, physically and emotionally, using art as a vehicle to examine, question, and criticise the relationships and roles of females in society. WOMANISH aims to reclaim the female body and depict it through a verity of lenses.


Date: 5 June – 7 June  2015

Exhibition Venue:  Cafe de Vie 11 Adzope Crescent, off Kumasi Crescent, off Aminu Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja, Nigeria

Opening times : 11am – 8pm

Free Admission to this event 

For more information contact: ENIGMA_ART_@hotmail.com

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