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5 Mins With Style Influencer Ifeanyi Okafor Jr.

A quick fire round with fashion influencer Ifeanyi Okafor Jr.

When you think of the popular faces in the Nigeria fashion industry, Ifeanyi Okafor Jr, comes to mind. He is always impeccably decked in a nice piece of suit and well known within mens fashion. Despite his busy schedules during Lagos fashion week, he took some time to do a quick 5 mins chat with us.  From what’s like to be a fashion influencer in Nigeria to who he would give the fashion Oscar in Nigeria to. Do you agree?


What was it like to be a style influencer?

 It’s an opportunity and privilege I am not taking for granted. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that people relate to and appreciate your work. It’s just amazing.

Turtlenecks or capes?


The song you would walk down the runway to?

Touch By Shura

Late nights or early mornings?

Late Nights.

Who should be given a fashion Oscar in Nigeria:

Haha. That’s a tough one as everyone’s doing great work but I think Bayo Oke-Lawal should be given.

Best thing to do between fashion shows?

Networking, Networking and more Networking.

What would you order?​

I love chicken and Plantains! Or anything that has that. Lol

Dream dinner party guests?

That’s gonna be a very long list. Lol

If you could have one quote to define you that will resonate forever, what would that quote be?

“Fashion Fades, Style Is Eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent.

African Urban Fashion Show: Zambian Blogger Peter Mwansa Named Ambassador

African Urban Fashion Show is indeed delighted to unveil our fashion brand ambassadors for season 2 of the event.
Our ambassadors this year features fashion professionals and young entrepreneurs cutting across Nigeria, several African countries and the UK. Zambian Blogger Peter Mwansa is one of them!


We are pleased to announce that Zambian Blogger PETER MWANSA is our brand ambassador and we are delighted that he will add glamour to our campaign and promote the philosophy of AUFS II.

African Urban Fashion Show sets out to use fashion as a sensitization instrument, inspiring Nigerian youths to push beyond limitations. AUFS encourages young people to strive for a positive social condition by self motivation, self development, and impacting others.

The African Urban Fashion Show II offers a unique platform and fashion show experience. Fashion lovers and students all over Nigeria are invited to experience this inspired urban culture energy.

Huge congrats to Peter for this achievement. Peter Mwansa is one of the leading men style blogger from Zambia. The style curator has been featured in The GlowingColours.com interview. Read it here.

Credits: Peter Mwansa

Url: Peter My Life

Insider Talk! Zambian Style Blogger Peter Mwansa is Changing the Style Game

Zambian Style Blogger Peter Mwansa is changing the game in his own way. What do you really know about the African fashion industry really? We’ve often used the term generally in reference to fashion and fashion designers from Africa. As massive as our continent is, we are determined to explore every part of the fashion industry by reaching out to fashion personalities from different African countries. This is to say that African fashion industry is not only limited to South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Peter Mwansa, whois establishing himself as Zambia’s most sought out style blogger takes us into his world and he tells us why he is so passionate about fashion.

We had the opportunity to speak with the fast rising style blogger who makes men style look effortless and fun through the way he pairs his looks. His elegant style and use of bold colours caught our attention when we discovered his blog using the hashtag #AfricanBloggersKillingIt. We had to reach out to him tell us all he knows about being a style blogger in Zambia and most especially the state of the Zambian fashion industry.

Peter Mwansa’s blog is all about men’s fashion as he told us passionately through our phone conversation that he wants to inspire his fellow youth to embrace and use fashion to express themselves.

Peter defines himself as “fashion blogger, stylist and designer based in Zambia…other than this am a 4th year student studying agriculture business management at Mulungushi University! Getting my degree in May by Gods grace lol”.
 When we asked him about what www.petermylife.wordpress.com was all about, he explained that it is mainly a fashion website that basically inspires everyone both male and female. He started blogging as a hobby, driven by the attention he got about his style on his instagram page (@peter_mylife). But the story goes way back, when he was still in school and amongst his peers, he noticed his style stood out. Advised by his mates to open a platform to share his style, he snatched the opportunity that came with social media and opened an Instagram account. Though he was skeptical about writing articles on style, he made sure his instapage presented him as that style connoisseur that “likes wearing nice clothes and representing lol”
Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (5) Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (4)
The Zambian style blogger made sure we knew about his passion for art which he said made his page stand out because as he’s an art lover by nature. With more stylish pictures, came the likes and increasing followers of people that adore his style. From then on, he followed other fashion bloggers and gained the courage to open his blog officially in 2015.
He says that through his blog “people can get clear information on styling tips and how and where i purchase my outfits”.
His fashion blog features different looks from urban style, streetstyle,vintage and casual. In his own words
“I simply describe my style as versatile! This is so because i don’t settle for a specific kind of style, i like to play with different fabric and different ideas to best suit my day, you might see me in casual today,in streetstyle the next day and new edgy urban style depending on how am feeling! Lol.”
Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (7) Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (3) Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (1)
On how he juggles his days as a student and fashion blogger he adds that “A typical day for me is simple, i am usually a homeboy if my friends are busy i like to stay home and watch a lot of tv and browse the internet the whole day!!! With these things available i’m cool lol i like to travel too and discover new places so if am not in school or studying then am moving places, my weekends are usually fun just chilling with friends.”
During our chat Peter Mwansa had his own opinions on the recent fashion weeks across Africa:
“I followed the recently concluded Nigeria fashion week and frankly i should say i was very impressed with the way designers executed their work!!!! There was too much diversity and almost every designer come up with something to waoo everyone!!!! Style vitae covered the whole week and that’s where i followed the whole show from!! West African fashion industry does not disappoint.
SA fashion week did not disappoint either designers showcased there expensive rich fabrics i can buy every piece of i could jokes lol but honestly south African fashion is the future And all should look up to it.”
We then dived into his style inspirations and favourite celebrity stylista. He claims “I like to think outside the box hence what inspires me is way beyond me and not close but its something that’s always on my mind and to this il d say my greatest inspiration is Olivia Rousteing chief of Balmain! Those are simply #goals”.
Arguably we do not hear much about the Zambian fashion industry as much people talk about South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, but Peter assured us that Zambian fashion designers are a time bomb, as recently described by an article penned by Design Indaba “Yesss this is true and this is so because the fashion industry in Zambia is largely growing and many designers have lots of ideas to better their work the only thing that lacks is exposure”.
Peter also adds that lack of exposure and embrace of social media and technology has become a liability for the industry “Honestly there not so many fashion bloggers around and this is what Zambia lacks because there so many people with ideas but they lack platforms to showcase their work!!! Nigeria has fashion awards which gives awards to various people based on what they do and am wishing Zambia would have the same so that people can be motivated in the work they do hence putting Zambian fashion on the map!”
 He mentioned that he loves Nigerian designer Yomi Casual but has his mind set for  Zambian designers like
Esnoko by chiza, Debbiechu by deborah chuma, Chizo designs by chisoma lombe, Kutowa designs, Fay designs, True designs.
The menstyle blogger insists the importance of social media and adds that social media plays an important role in his life as a fashion blogger “Social media has played a huge role in what i do!!!! Because how else would i have showcased my work to people if i didn’t use my media?”
We asked him the question we normally ask other bloggers: Which celebrity wardrobe would you steal? “If i’d steal a celebrity wardrobe i’d steal Kanye West’s wardrobe lol and would do the same for popular male blogger Trevor Stunner from South Africa.”
Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (6)
 On trends Peter has his eyes on colourful happy socks and oversize over coats and plans to add a bit of black and white in his closet this year.
As a fashion blogger in Africa, he admits that there are a few challenges like sourcing clothes that will inspire people and make him stand out from other menstyle bloggers.
However, he dreams that he will be able to take his fashion blog on another level in the next five years “Its gonna be something people will relate too and be able to check out every now and then because i have something planned to inspire every one. My advise to my fellow fashion bloggers is basically to stay true to what they do and stay consistent in their quality of work! And they should all keep doing what they love.”
Check out m Peter Mwansa’s coat game below.
peter-mwansa-blogger-fashion-zambia-interview2 peter-mwansa-blogger-fashion-zambia-interview4 Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (10)
You can reach Peter Mwansa through his social media accounts.
Instagram @peter_mylife
Facebook @ Peter Mwansa
Twitter @petermwansa15