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New Art Exhibition from Rele Gallery and Gallery of African Art

MIGRATION: The Stories of Two Artists with Patrick Altes & Ronald Muchatuta

We had the opportunity to attend the opening of Gallery of African Art‘s new art exhibition. A profound display and reflection on Migration. As usual the gallery didn’t disappoint. From presentation to content, the art display steered us to reflect on the concept of migration.


The artists featured are  Patrick Altes from Algeria and Ronald Muchatuta from Zimbabwe. Patrick’s works generally focus on the topics of colonialism and capitalism as he believes art should be a reflection of the environment we live in. Conversely, Ronald’s project deals with issues of immigration in Africa, determined to create awareness of the challenges African migrants face within and without the continent. As an immigrant himself, he uses art to tackle xenophobia and tribalism. “I try to unpack the stereotypes – missing links and the unmentioned or sidelined important aspects of the crisis.”


When We Are Not What We Are by Rele Gallery

Curated by Adenrele Sonariwo, Rele Gallery is presenting a n art exhibition about Sejiro Avoseh. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition opening on July 8th, 2018. It consists of four distinct series, this new body of work are assembled under the title “When We Are Not What We Are”. The exhibition’s title is construed as a metaphor that unravels the performative character of human beings as they respond to social and material conditions brought about by modern life and the society one finds oneself.

  Want to know more about Rele Gallery’s new exhibition? Check it out here.

Contemporary Art From Africa: Sor Sen Exhibits “Sentiments”


Sor Sen’s art exhibition is set to open our hearts to a period of joy. Cafe de Vie will be housing the 4-day exhibition that explores the theme of sentiments.  How does art make you feel, especially contemporary African art? 

Abuja-based fine artist Sor Sen has got a lot to explain in his artist statement. Take a read before you head to the art exhibition opening on December 4.

From a more traditional point of view, we revere logic. To delve into sentiments it appears that one is intellectually lazy, ineffectual and wrong. Like most cultural essentials this is cooked up in a manner that most people do not see it. This lead many people to make every effort to ‘make sense’, thinking that rationality is the best way to measure everything inclusive of emotional issues which is wrong!

For example, if someone backs up an opinion with tables, charts and graphs then calculates’ facts’ which he uses to support  ‘conclusions’ then we are more likely to accept his results.  His opinions bear more weight than does an opinion based on emotion purely. But this is a misnomer that has gone on for so long. The mind conceives from a subconscious state before it adjusts to the state of ‘rationalization’.

The above foregoing could be likened with the current trends in the visual arts, nowadays its quite fashionable for one’s artwork be tagged ‘contemporary’ and ‘conceptual’ these two terms are often monopolized with clear cut ideas, explored in a more systematic manner. Some artists who indulge in this often think of being ‘superior’ or ‘complex’ in thoughts.

For me what is core in the visual arts, it’s about individual self expression, when that thought becomes raped by extraneous forces, subjected to ‘mechanical thinking’ that leads to a product. It ceases to be art. But again, I live in times when just anything could be termed art. Who am I to castigate?

Sentiments, within the context of this exhibition explore ways the mind works from creating a ‘new reality’ from a material existence. It’s a flirt of ideas guided by habitual conceptions and subjective opinions. These ideas indicates their immediacy, diversity, multiplicity, instantaneity and contradictions. As an artist for me it has always been about trusting the process not necessarily being clever with the process.


If art isn’t about ‘sentiments’, what could it be for? I have always been challenged with ‘little stories’ tied to my emotions in order to search these subjects in a sensitive approach in my quest to reveal the endless possibilities or complexities abound in them.

On this premise, Works in this exhibition do not seek to validate reality, or create ‘a new’. The reality presented here is vastly personal and sentimental.

Contemporary Art From Africa: 2 Art Exhibitions In Lagos You Can’t Miss

 Welcome to December to you all that have been reading and following our website since we launched this year. We truly appreciate your support and love throughout these months. We’ve seen all your likes, followings and shares. We’re grateful 🙂 !!!

Let’s make this month a December to remember starting with new art exhibitions happening around town.

Here are two art exhibitions taking place in Lagos that you can’t afford to miss. Alara Lagos, the reputable luxury boutique in Lagos owned by Reni Folawiyo is displaying the works of Alimi Adewale. On the other hand Shola Adewumi reached out to us to inform us on her art event taking place in Lagos this month. She tells us what inspires her and what she aims to achieve. Catch all the details below.



Date: 13 November – 10 December

Location: ALARA, 12a Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Alimi Adewale will be showing some of his art pieces at the luxury concept store Alara. The artist is showing his works in an art exhibition titled ‘DIVERGENCE’. Adewale exposes not only his skill set in different abstract forms of art, but also how he is able to push the boundaries of traditional forms of art. See some of the works that are on display at Alara.

Alimi-Adewale-Alara-Lagos-exhibtiion-TheGlowingColours-ART Alimi-Adewale-Alara-Lagos-exhibtiion-TheGlowingColours-ART


Art exhibition: “For the ❤ of Art “

Date: Sunday, Dec 13th.
Venue: Off Macpherson street, the Coral Reef Hall, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria

Shola Adewumi aims to achieve the following through her exhibition:

•For people to experience the diversity of art in our individualities, culture and as people of Africa and of the world
•We are influenced by our beliefs, likes and nature and the outcome sometimes are very Artistic.
•There will be soothing music to the ears performed differently in an artistic manner. Also poetry from several influences recited and performed traditional dances and drumming, painting and drama.
•The night will be interesting, innovative, captivating, inspiring but most of all fun.
•An audience brought together in love to experience a uniquely packaged evening of talents found in our fellow neighbors our everyday people, our friends, relatives and general people we meet every day.
•Also using this “Art ” platform to promote unity, peace and love. To impact, influence and challenge the society and its environment. ‎

African Art Exhibition London: Moffat Takadiwa At Tyburn Gallery

Another great exhibition of African art opens at new London-based art gallery, Tyburn.

Tyburn Gallery presents Moffat Takadiwa’s first UK solo exhibition: Foreign Objects 

Exhibition dates: 5 November 2015 – 9 January 2016

Born in Karoi, Zimbabwe, in 1983, and currently based in Harare, Takadiwa is known for his simple but intricate installations made from found materials, including spray-can debris, plastic bottle tops and discarded electrical goods. Through the works exhibited, Takadiwa engages our senses, both literally and visually, as a unique way for identifying foreign materials, items and objects.

Moffat Takadiwa’s practice engages with issues of material culture, identity and spirituality as well as social practice and the environment. The exhibition groups together wall-hung sculptures that bear witness to the cultural dominance exercised by the consumption of foreign products in Zimbabwe and across Africa. Imported consumables become symbolic of the shifting power struggles within post-colonial Zimbabwe, resulting in the uneven distribution of economic and cultural power across the country. Greatly influenced by the Argentine semiotician Dr. Walter Mignolo’s scholarship on ‘colonialily’ and modernity, Takadiwa’s work is an explicit challenge to contemporary governments whose pledges on indigenous empowerment are failing to come to fruition.

Part of the post-independence generation of artists in Zimbabwe, Takadiwa has exhibited extensively across major institutions in Zimbabwe as well as internationally.

STRIP: An Exhibition on the Human Form at Rele Gallery Lagos


You can’t miss this exhibition at Rele Gallery Lagos

RELE-Lagos- TheGlowingColours

As African artists are being celebrated at the International Venice Biennale, we are pleased to present STRIP, a new exhibition by Rele Gallery Lagos, Nigeria.


The body. It is the first thing we encounter, even before the human being. The base before everything else is formed. But is the body just simply what it is? Or is it so much more? 

For centuries, the body has been a source of fantasy, obsession, liberation, struggle, oppression, voyeurism, politics, shame, commoditisation and of course a reference point to reality. Artists have long preoccupied themselves with documenting this endless source of expression, a reflection of an enduring time where we as a people are equally obsessed. On the intimate, familiar terrain of the body, we have made discoveries, ascertained self-worth…but these are usually regarded as personal journeys, to be spoken of in hushed tones.

In this exhibition ‘STRIP’ we showcase a collection of nudes in varying degrees by painters and photographers and we seek to amplify the body of conversation. 

The purpose here is to strip bare, rediscover and reopen the discourse around the human form; to provoke keen engagement, investigation of anatomical information; to deconstruct myths and truths of power, shame, freedom, beauty (and more)- the different shades of attendant feelings that accompany an encounter with a naked body.

We strongly encourage you to approach these works stripped of the caution of modesty but clothed with the courage of an open mind.

Artists: Ayoola Gbolahan, Ibe Ananaba, Reze Bonna, Logor, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Isaac Emokpae and Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun

This exhibition is curated by Wana Udobang & Ayodeji Rotinwa

Click the image for more information.


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