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Crazy How Much We Love This Ramandan Fashion Collection by Amnas

For Ramadan, emerging modest women’s wear brand, Amnas, is giving women options through their latest edit collection. It’s subtle and beautiful. Scroll below to read about the collection and see the images.Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)  Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)
The Creative Director, Fatima Gidado, derived excitement from being able to create an edit around a special event such as Ramadan; the significance of spirituality and celebration, and how this can be embodied in clothes.
She drew inspiration from the simplicity, fluidity and elegance of Middle-Eastern fashion, while staying true to the brand’s ethos of designing evolving clothes for today’s stylish and modest woman.
Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)Amnas-Abuja-fashion-TheGlowingColours (1)
The collection edit features influencer, Hanifa Abubakar. The collection is anchored on a rich palette of neutral hues while paying attention to minimal and intricate beading on the reimagined traditional kaftan, boubous and kimono fit for the ‘Amnas woman’.
Brand: Amnas |@amnas.rtw|
Photography: Terna Iwar |@ternaiwar|
Styling: Fatima Gidado  |@fatimagidado_|
Models:Hanifa Abubakar   |@haniiiifa|
Makeup : Vugo |@vugo24|

5 Mins With Style Influencer Ifeanyi Okafor Jr.

A quick fire round with fashion influencer Ifeanyi Okafor Jr.

When you think of the popular faces in the Nigeria fashion industry, Ifeanyi Okafor Jr, comes to mind. He is always impeccably decked in a nice piece of suit and well known within mens fashion. Despite his busy schedules during Lagos fashion week, he took some time to do a quick 5 mins chat with us.  From what’s like to be a fashion influencer in Nigeria to who he would give the fashion Oscar in Nigeria to. Do you agree?


What was it like to be a style influencer?

 It’s an opportunity and privilege I am not taking for granted. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that people relate to and appreciate your work. It’s just amazing.

Turtlenecks or capes?


The song you would walk down the runway to?

Touch By Shura

Late nights or early mornings?

Late Nights.

Who should be given a fashion Oscar in Nigeria:

Haha. That’s a tough one as everyone’s doing great work but I think Bayo Oke-Lawal should be given.

Best thing to do between fashion shows?

Networking, Networking and more Networking.

What would you order?​

I love chicken and Plantains! Or anything that has that. Lol

Dream dinner party guests?

That’s gonna be a very long list. Lol

If you could have one quote to define you that will resonate forever, what would that quote be?

“Fashion Fades, Style Is Eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent.

#AfricanBloggersKillingIt! 7 Ways You Can Rock a Classic Look

Classic looks never get old in our book. Breathe a new life into your wardrobe and style inventory with some of the stylish looks we found across our favourite blogs.

If you ever have a doubt about what you want to wear, just go classic and you will hardly go wrong with your choice. Looking at the latest trending looks on our  #AfricanBloggersKillingIt, we’ve seen a consistent feature of classic looks from bloggers. Who says bloggers do not influence our style choices and what we buy? Well think twice because some of the looks will make you revisit the way you wear black.

Black remains pretty much a must-have for an effortless and safe outfit but thankfully all it takes is a few fun accessories, prints or sassy footwear to enliven the preppy mainstay while still maintaining a clean flair.

Catch some of our favourite classic looks from top African fashion bloggers and style influencers.



@dee_masiya & @iamsheabuttershay
@melissaswardrobe, @peter_mylife & @ms_rietta

Want to get featured? It’s pretty much easy, just use the hashtag #AfricanBloggersKillingIt, take a great shot of your outfit with a professional camera and make sure you slay!;)

Insider Talk! Zambian Style Blogger Peter Mwansa is Changing the Style Game

Zambian Style Blogger Peter Mwansa is changing the game in his own way. What do you really know about the African fashion industry really? We’ve often used the term generally in reference to fashion and fashion designers from Africa. As massive as our continent is, we are determined to explore every part of the fashion industry by reaching out to fashion personalities from different African countries. This is to say that African fashion industry is not only limited to South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Peter Mwansa, whois establishing himself as Zambia’s most sought out style blogger takes us into his world and he tells us why he is so passionate about fashion.

We had the opportunity to speak with the fast rising style blogger who makes men style look effortless and fun through the way he pairs his looks. His elegant style and use of bold colours caught our attention when we discovered his blog using the hashtag #AfricanBloggersKillingIt. We had to reach out to him tell us all he knows about being a style blogger in Zambia and most especially the state of the Zambian fashion industry.

Peter Mwansa’s blog is all about men’s fashion as he told us passionately through our phone conversation that he wants to inspire his fellow youth to embrace and use fashion to express themselves.

Peter defines himself as “fashion blogger, stylist and designer based in Zambia…other than this am a 4th year student studying agriculture business management at Mulungushi University! Getting my degree in May by Gods grace lol”.
 When we asked him about what www.petermylife.wordpress.com was all about, he explained that it is mainly a fashion website that basically inspires everyone both male and female. He started blogging as a hobby, driven by the attention he got about his style on his instagram page (@peter_mylife). But the story goes way back, when he was still in school and amongst his peers, he noticed his style stood out. Advised by his mates to open a platform to share his style, he snatched the opportunity that came with social media and opened an Instagram account. Though he was skeptical about writing articles on style, he made sure his instapage presented him as that style connoisseur that “likes wearing nice clothes and representing lol”
Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (5) Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (4)
The Zambian style blogger made sure we knew about his passion for art which he said made his page stand out because as he’s an art lover by nature. With more stylish pictures, came the likes and increasing followers of people that adore his style. From then on, he followed other fashion bloggers and gained the courage to open his blog officially in 2015.
He says that through his blog “people can get clear information on styling tips and how and where i purchase my outfits”.
His fashion blog features different looks from urban style, streetstyle,vintage and casual. In his own words
“I simply describe my style as versatile! This is so because i don’t settle for a specific kind of style, i like to play with different fabric and different ideas to best suit my day, you might see me in casual today,in streetstyle the next day and new edgy urban style depending on how am feeling! Lol.”
Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (7) Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (3) Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (1)
On how he juggles his days as a student and fashion blogger he adds that “A typical day for me is simple, i am usually a homeboy if my friends are busy i like to stay home and watch a lot of tv and browse the internet the whole day!!! With these things available i’m cool lol i like to travel too and discover new places so if am not in school or studying then am moving places, my weekends are usually fun just chilling with friends.”
During our chat Peter Mwansa had his own opinions on the recent fashion weeks across Africa:
“I followed the recently concluded Nigeria fashion week and frankly i should say i was very impressed with the way designers executed their work!!!! There was too much diversity and almost every designer come up with something to waoo everyone!!!! Style vitae covered the whole week and that’s where i followed the whole show from!! West African fashion industry does not disappoint.
SA fashion week did not disappoint either designers showcased there expensive rich fabrics i can buy every piece of i could jokes lol but honestly south African fashion is the future And all should look up to it.”
We then dived into his style inspirations and favourite celebrity stylista. He claims “I like to think outside the box hence what inspires me is way beyond me and not close but its something that’s always on my mind and to this il d say my greatest inspiration is Olivia Rousteing chief of Balmain! Those are simply #goals”.
Arguably we do not hear much about the Zambian fashion industry as much people talk about South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, but Peter assured us that Zambian fashion designers are a time bomb, as recently described by an article penned by Design Indaba “Yesss this is true and this is so because the fashion industry in Zambia is largely growing and many designers have lots of ideas to better their work the only thing that lacks is exposure”.
Peter also adds that lack of exposure and embrace of social media and technology has become a liability for the industry “Honestly there not so many fashion bloggers around and this is what Zambia lacks because there so many people with ideas but they lack platforms to showcase their work!!! Nigeria has fashion awards which gives awards to various people based on what they do and am wishing Zambia would have the same so that people can be motivated in the work they do hence putting Zambian fashion on the map!”
 He mentioned that he loves Nigerian designer Yomi Casual but has his mind set for  Zambian designers like
Esnoko by chiza, Debbiechu by deborah chuma, Chizo designs by chisoma lombe, Kutowa designs, Fay designs, True designs.
The menstyle blogger insists the importance of social media and adds that social media plays an important role in his life as a fashion blogger “Social media has played a huge role in what i do!!!! Because how else would i have showcased my work to people if i didn’t use my media?”
We asked him the question we normally ask other bloggers: Which celebrity wardrobe would you steal? “If i’d steal a celebrity wardrobe i’d steal Kanye West’s wardrobe lol and would do the same for popular male blogger Trevor Stunner from South Africa.”
Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (6)
 On trends Peter has his eyes on colourful happy socks and oversize over coats and plans to add a bit of black and white in his closet this year.
As a fashion blogger in Africa, he admits that there are a few challenges like sourcing clothes that will inspire people and make him stand out from other menstyle bloggers.
However, he dreams that he will be able to take his fashion blog on another level in the next five years “Its gonna be something people will relate too and be able to check out every now and then because i have something planned to inspire every one. My advise to my fellow fashion bloggers is basically to stay true to what they do and stay consistent in their quality of work! And they should all keep doing what they love.”
Check out m Peter Mwansa’s coat game below.
peter-mwansa-blogger-fashion-zambia-interview2 peter-mwansa-blogger-fashion-zambia-interview4 Peter-Mwansa-Style-blogger-interview-Zambia- (10)
You can reach Peter Mwansa through his social media accounts.
Instagram @peter_mylife
Facebook @ Peter Mwansa
Twitter @petermwansa15

Meet The Top 10 male African Fashion Bloggers 2015 – Bloglovin

Fashion in Africa has grown great Heights. Evolving & setting its own African trend followed internationally.
African Male Fashion Bloggers in collaboration with Bloglovin released the official list of Male fashion bloggers in Africa who are helping in the growth of fashion & making trends in Africa.


This list was created based on the creativity, readers/target audience, achievements & Collaborations


Steven Onoja

When it comes to creativity, art & Menswear, Steven is always the first option. Motivated by everyday life & culture. Recently nominated by Bloglovin as one of the Best men’s Fashion blog in the world, he sure is doing Africa proud.
Website: stevenonoja.com
Instagram: @stevenonoja


Allen Coleman

One of the few who dropped their white collar job to follow their passion. His blog continues to tell his journey as a Streetstyle photographer thus his blog is filled with amazing Streetstyle.
WEBSITE: Byallencoleman.com
Instagram: @byallencoleman


Josef Adamu

His main purpose is to create vivid memories & to inspire others as they inspire him. With his motto “bringing illustrations to life”, it’s clearly seen in his pictures that Josef isn’t stopping any time soon with his creativity
WEBSITE: Josefadamu.com
Instagram: @josefadamu


Franklin Saiyelel

Kenyan leading Fashion blogger in Nairobi, known popularly as Kenyan Stylista. His style speaks volumes for him.
WEBSITE: Kenyanstylista.com
Instagram: @kenyanstylista


Denola Grey

Oh Denola, with the year he’s had, it wouldn’t be a surprise that he is on this list. His effortless style is one worthy of mention.
WEBSITE: Denolagrey.com
Instagram: @denolagrey


Christian Confidential

With his passion for fashion, fitness, travel, pop culture & good conversations, his readers can’t help but stay glued. His workout tips is intriguing.
Instagram: @christianconfidential


Joshua Kissi

Describes himself as a story teller who tells stories through style. Co founder of Street Etiquette which showcases style using cultural, historical & urban perspective.
WEBSITE: Streetetiquette.com
Instagram: @streetetiquette


Noble Igwe

Noble recently appointed remy martin &  payporte Fashion ambassador, has a unique fab trad style that can’t be over looked.
WEBSITE: Stylevitae.com

I see a different you

Trio: Justice, Innocent & Vuyo from South Africa captures life in Africa through breathtaking photos & creative style.
Instagram: @iseeadifferentyou


Trevor Sturman

Listed among GQ best dressed in 2015, Trevor is truly a creative man with style.

[Up-And-Comers who made their mark this year
Bloggers to watch out for in 2016 ]

With the year coming to an end, its the right time to release this list to recognize these Fashion Bloggers who stood out this year.
This list was created based on Readers/target audience, Personal Style, ideas/creativity & Potential.


Mohcine Aoki Harris

From Casablanca Morocco, he believes there are no rules in fashion. His crazy hippie style combined with his funny self makes him irresistible.
Instagram: @mohcineaoki


Igee Okafor

Creativity & photography lover. He hopes to give people a sense of variety & identity in both Fashion & life.
Instagram: @igeeokafor


Lourens Gebhardt

Namibian, describes himself as epitome of everything vintage. He calls his style sophisticated punk.
Instagram: @louxthevintageguru


Akin Faminu

Medical Student & Blogger manages his time for education & passion. He describes his style as detailed dapper.
Instagram: @akinfaminu


Lucas Omornuwah

This is one Blogger we are so excited to see more of. We just can’t get enough of his style. Lover of Personality & all things different, he describes his style as vintage Chic which is clearly seen on his Instagram page
Instagram: @omornuwah

Michael Ampo

Popularly known as boylondonn. He has a unique style. Passionate about menswear and all things style.
Instagram: @boylondonn_


We all know him as the winner of the Nikon photo contest & his viral “Good morning Lagos” post.He is Obsessed over Streetstyle Fashion & photography.
Instagram: @urbanehanger

Valentine Ramsey

Student & Blogger who describes his style as a way of life that shouldn’t be dented. Loves to look expensive but on a budget.

Anthony Edebiri Reney

Nigerian (Benin) living in waterloo Canada. Passionate about Fashion, football & music. He describes his style as classy
Instagram: @reneyfresh


Raphael Ikem

Proud open big fan of Solange Knowles and Frank Ocean, Raphael’s style is stunning. He shares his love for food & culinary arts in general on his blog.
Instagram: @ralphkem

AMFB: @africanmalefashionblogger
Thank you

The Tuxedo by Akin Faminu

Black tie, Tuxedo, Cravat Noir, Dinner Suit, Tux or whatever other names we have for it, the Tuxedo is arguably the most stylish essential male ensemble there is. Extremely flattering to any male figure and so timelessly engraved in the history of men’s fashion that it will surely never go out of Style.

Right there at the pinnacle of Men’s style, the Tuxedo is a must-have for any and every Classic man especially now that we are in the second half of the year and have all the Evening Red Carpet and Black tie events fast approaching where wearing a Tuxedo has become synonymous with being “Dressed to Kill”. So it’s for this reason that I decided to pick the Tux as out topic of discussion right before we go fully into that time of the year.

The Tuxedo, as we all know is strictly speaking one of the most formal of formal wears along either the White tie and it comes with a few rules so we really should get back to the basics for a start.


When buying and wearing a Tuxedo, certain things must be done perfectly.
As always, Fit is King! It’s very important to make sure your Tux fits you properly, and in the Tuxedo sense, not too tight and definitely not looking like an expensive sack of problems.

Yes it’s true that Black is the colour that comes to mind when a Tux is mentioned, but other colours like Midnight blue are also spot on! Midnight blue is an excellent alternative to black, it looks richer under light and it gives a sophisticated edge.

Keep it Classic! Even up to the shirt. The acceptable shirt is the White evening shirt with either a wing or a turn down collar, cuffs and studs. Avoid the everyday office shirt.

The traditional tie appropriate for the Tuxedo is the Bowtie which could come in different shapes, textures and sizes.

Black patent leather formal shoes, Patent leather correspondents or a well polished pair of Oxford dress shoes are my picks for the perfect footwear to go with your Tuxedo. Avoid shoes like loafers and Brogues, they are more causal than formal.

The Classic accessories that accompany a Tuxedo are the Cummerbund / Waistband, a Pocket square, a lapel accessory, and Cuff links to spice up the outfit.

For the more Fashion foward that have an in depth understanding of Black tie can choose to bend the rules slightly, there’s room for that, but this is Black tie, so only slightly.

So Gents!  Hope we had a good read and if you don’t already, do well to get yourself a Nice Tuxedo and Ladies, I just gave you a grand present idea for that special someone 😉

Step out in Super Style guys, have a lovely evening and don’t forget to Rock that Tux!

Akin-Faminu-tuxedo-Eid-Mubarak-Nigerian-BloggerAkin-Faminu-tuxedo-Eid-Mubarak-Nigerian-BloggerAkin-Faminu-tuxedo-Eid-Mubarak-Nigerian-Blogger  Akin-Faminu-tuxedo-Eid-Mubarak-Nigerian-Blogger Akin-Faminu-tuxedo-Eid-Mubarak-Nigerian-Blogger

Photos by Fifo Adebakin (@thefifographer)

Tuxedo – Obedclothiers || Correspondent shoes – Rossini Italian

DOUBLE DENIM by Akin Faminu

The Double Denim trend has definitely had it’s past misfortunes, it’s era as an early faux pas, when it was a fashion taboo to go out pairing jeans, well unless you were a cowboy, or Britney Spears, or Justin Timberlake sporting the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’.

Akin-Faminu-Double-Denim -TheGlowingColours
But thankfully, something changed and slowly the double denim trend found it’s way back into the fashion game with a more modern edge than before, and with such a diversity that everybody could create their own personal double denim style and right now, it has become a Massive trend! One of my personal favorites.

In this editorial, we’re exploring different ways of wearing the same double denim outfit and something for the ladies as well.
The first look has the ‘Dapper’ approach to it, although it’s more laid back than the typical formal ensemble. Contrasting shades of blue denim , with a blazer, single monkstrapped shoes , and accessorized with a bit of African,  that’s the Ankara bowtie and a hat, preference to the men that dig the Dapper look.


The second is a more laid back and rather SPORTY look, same outfit but this time buttoned down, rolled up sleeves, and Nike Air Max kicks.

Styled the lady using contrasting shades as well, with a Chambray shirt, a crop tom underneath, Emma Stone style and a pair of heels.

There are certain tips you should note to pull off your Double Denim perfectly, consider;
– Varying your Shades
– Injecting some colour and
– Accessorizing.

Have a lovely day guys, and Step out in Style always!

Akin-Faminu-Double-Denim Akin-Faminu-Double-Denim Akin-Faminu-Double-Denim

Denim shirt and jeans – Asos || Shoes – Bostonian || Blazer – Asos || Hat – H&M

Photos – Jidekola photography
Model – Hallydoss

Style Talk! Meet Fabulous Style Blogger Nneka Nwokeocha

We had the chance to catch up with fashion blogger Nneka Nwokeocha. With a passion for all things fashion and beauty, read what Nneka has to say about her influences, inspirations, blogging, ‘Royalty fashion’ and of course being a stylish Nigerian woman.

We started ‘African Bloggers Killing It‘ to showcase African men and women changing the style game all over the world. From Lagos, London, New York, Milan, Johannesburg etc., African stylistas are unstoppable. In this interview they are taking us into their world to give us a glimpse of what it looks like!

Check it out and catch the fashion and style tips.

Name: Nneka Nwokeocha.

Where are you from? Nigeria.

UrlMyveryownpen.blogspot.com | Instagram : http://instagram.com/nwokeochanneka

Nneka Nwokeocha -fashion blogger-TheGlowingColours

How would you describe your personal style and what’s your style formula? 

Eclectic mixture of different style genres, prints and textures. I especially love androgyny, 60s-through-90s style and my current best, what I call “Royalty” fashion; I constantly peruse images of past and current monarchs (Queens) of different nations. In terms of style pioneers, I rank Queen Mary of Denmark, Farah dibah Pahlavi (of Iran), HRH Sheikha mozah bint nasser al misned (of Qatar), Princess Diana (of wales), Princess Ameera al tahweel (of SA) etc. before my other everyday style favourites. Some of my outfits take an hour or more to put together, sometimes I purchase items based on concepts I have in mind and sometimes my outfits come together spontaneously; with me, I think the joy in dressing and practice over time has helped me have a better understanding of how I want to look and how to make mosts items of clothing work in my favour. Also I recycle a lot and find more than one intended use for my clothes.

What made you decide to start blogging?  Friends and family advised me to start my first blog but my current (and final) blog was re-born out of personal desire.

Nneka Nwokeocha -fashion blogger-TheGlowingColours

How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you post and communicate with your followers? I used to make posts twice monthly back when I was in medical school but have not been able to sustain the momentum since leaving (due to exams tying me down). I do blog on occasion now but will return full speed in a couple more months. I think readers of my blog are people who have followed my transition from my old blog to this recent one plus young women (and men) who understand the importance of recycling items of clothing from their wardrobe for different occasions and looks. It is very possible to monetize a fashion blog but it take intense effort on the part of the blogger; those in the fashion community know the “icon bloggers” and how they have been able to make multiple zeros over the years from invitations to events, sponsorship (fashion, food , electronic), driving sales, selling their own personal items or items from collaborations, travelling to certain parts of the world for paid coverage of events , ads , affiliate marketing and the list goes on. The key I have come to understand lies in standing out fashion-wise and reaching out constantly to the ‘right people’ and putting yourself in a position to be heard ( I can make a post to further expatiate on this). Another key point is African (Nigerian) brands having a lot more faith and stronger will in fashion bloggers and tying them into the process of ‘making African fashion‘ this I believe is a two-way street which pays both the Designer and blogger in the long run.

How stylish is the Nigerian woman?  Speaking as one, I would say the Nigerian woman is indeed very stylish, thank God for blogging and its ability to expose certain Nigerians I never would have known loved to dress up. I think style is a massive part of our culture and everyday activity; these days the way we physically present ourselves to the world is becoming more important to women : young and old and I think the way we dress bespeaks us in a number of ways and I know that Nigerian (and African) women especially are no stranger to that.

What fashion item do you think will be big next season in the African fashion market?

I will just state 2 things that I would love to see:

1).  Different styles of ankara/wax jumpsuits being worn by everyone.

2). Pairing office shirt and Blazer with an Iro (Wrapper) and Gele/Ichafu (Turban) and heels. (I personally have worn this on my blog). I think the blend would be quite mind-blowing.

What items do you save on, and then what do you splurge on? 

I recently put a hard limit on how much goes into clothing so I would say the bulk of my funds go into very very rare finds that I would not be able to purchase ordinarily online or otherwise. (one of the most recent being a Satin part embroidered/part painted on Kimono).

Your signature look is?  Due to school and study activity, I am constantly in a pair of pants, a black top/ shirt and penny loafers.

Nneka Nwokeocha -fashion blogger-TheGlowingColours

And your beauty essentials?  Fruits especially oranges (Women forget the importance of what you eat before what you purchase for skin care) , raw Broccoli ( and other greens),water (hydration), bio-oil, face towel, twice-a-day-baths, exfoliants and a few other on/off skin care purchases.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Dude.

What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?  I eat like a pregnant elephant.

Where do you see yourself and your  blog in the next 5 years? A fashion mogul with deep/revolutionising involvements/contributions in the Global fashion industry (and hopefully still blogging for the love of it).

What’s the biggest advice you have for aspiring fashion bloggers? People and/or situations can be overrated in the fashion industry. Do a detailed research about what it is you want from blogging and depend not solely on the words of ‘advice’ from other bloggers sometimes we all say the same thing in different ways. Find out what works for you, work hard at it and pray every single step along the way. Lastly, you will mentally give up more that a 100 times but I urge you to find the strength to keep going and put yourself in positions to get noticed and reach out even when no one is reaching out to you yet.

Check out her fab pictures in the gallery below!

We really enjoyed our style chat with the fashion queen, Nneka Nwokeocha. What would you like to see on the runway and in the African fashion market next season?

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The Art of Mixing Patterns by Akin Faminu

Akin-Faminu -2015-TheGlowingColours

Hey guys, Hope we’re having a stylish week?  Today I’d like for us  to delve into something which is prejudiced to be rather complicated but actually isn’t, and I call it the Pattern Game! It’s something that because of the propensity or fear of getting wrong, most people, most of the time shy away from it and it’s then there’s no fun but really I think Patterns are of major aesthetic value in fashion and we should try to understand them, mix them, and make the most of them.

Akin-Faminu -2015-TheGlowingColours

I did this editorial in collaboration with the Men’s fashion label T.I.Nathan and I’m guessing this is a familiar name, especially if you follow the Fayrouz L’Original show or Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

Off her last collection, PERSPECTIVE  which was showcased at Lagos fashion and design week 2014 and the International fashion showcase London, this piece is tailored to perfection, well as T.I.Nathan is known for, and it has a particularly unique pattern, which just fits perfectly for this post.

You might be a pro at matching your solid coloured ties and solid coloured shirts, but with trends in recent years, constantly seen on the runways, with brands like Tom Ford and the Like emphasizing a mix and match approach to fashion, how well do you fare with mixing stripes and patterns?

It’s true that mixing patterns is very tricky, Yes! But you have to build confidence and move out of your comfort zone. I’ll help you with a few tips.

Firstly, if you’re new to mixing patterns, try to keep things simple and in the same pattern, like bigger polka dotted ties worn on a tiny polka dotted shirt with a plain blazer and also very importantly ‘VARY THE SIZES’

Similarly, keeping things in the same colour family is helpful as well, it gives you a subtle look but states clearly that you have a daring side. You can also use bright colours on solid ones like I did in this post with navy blue and orange.

If you’re mixing patterns with your details, try to keep the inner shirt plain, it’s safer.

And finally, whatever you’re doing, don’t OVER – DO so you don’t look messy, mixing patterns is an art of course but should be approached with caution, it’s easier to mix your patterns above the waist and keep it plain down below as well.

So experiment! And have some fun, try patterns and when you’re a pro, you’ll be glad you did.

Have a lovely day.

Outfit – T.I.Nathan || Photography – Dola Posh

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Men’s Fashion Essentials – The Waistcoat by Akin Faminu

The diversity it offers, is but one of the many benefits of having a waistcoat in your wardrobe.

The waistcoat is one of the pieces of men’s clothing that has endured the dynamics of fashion, over the years, and is still very much in trend.

The GlowingColours (www.akinfaminu.com)

The waistcoat makes an outfit look well put together, especially because shirts tend to crease with movement but if you’re in a waistcoat, you’ll look as good in the morning as you do in the evening.

It also comes in handy because when worn properly, it is able to adapt to a variety of social situations, from informal  to formal, worn alone or under a blazer, suit, or tuxedo, and today, we’re letting in on how to look impeccably dapper in your waistcoat.

Here are few basics to remember when getting your waistcoat:

  •  Get the FIT right .. Your waistcoat is meant to make you look neat but if it’s not properly fitted, it becomes tacky
  • It has to extend downwards to cover the waist so the shirt underneath doesn’t extend outside, otherwise, it shouldn’t be called a ‘mistake’
  • A good number of them have pockets and lapels, put in some detail pieces to spice up the outfit and accessorize also
  • So if you don’t have a couple already, do well to add a few to your wardrobe and you won’t regret it

Shirt and pant trousers – Next  ||  Shoes – Bostonian  ||  Waistcoat – Burton

Photography by Seyifunmi Abiodun


Article penned by Akin Faminu.  Akin Faminu is a medical student at the college of medicine, university of Lagos and a men’s fashion blogger at www.akinfaminu.com


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