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We’re Living for Adubea Jensen “Life is Beautiful” Handbag Collection

‘Life is Beautiful’ Collection by Adubea Jensen is a bag for IT girls of Accra!

A savvy person said that handbags speak louder than words. It’s sure true when it comes to the ‘Life is Beautiful’ collection. Showing the vibrancy of life in the city of Accra this collection is reflecting the joyful, exuberance of its people, enjoying life in the city.

Adubea Jensen-Bag-Fashion-Ghana-TheGlowingColours

Creative director, Janet Oddoye takes us on a journey with her collection, creating beautiful, timeless handbags that inject joy into the lives of women who carry them.

The ‘Life is Beautiful’ collection comes in an array of day and evening handbags in earthy colours, mono-chromatic mixes and distinct check patterns. The limited edition ‘Yaa’ handbag  with it’s dark brown wooden handles create an ethnic feel, whilst the ‘Ama’ shoulder bag in seasonal mono-chromatic colours and limited edition mixes with a detachable, luxurious, double gold or silver chain is perfect for day to evening wear. Each handbag is adorned with a signature, metal name badge and dog-tag, authenticating it.

The Collection:

Adubea Jensen-Bag-Fashion-Ghana-TheGlowingColoursAdubea Jensen-Bag-Fashion-Ghana-TheGlowingColours Adubea Jensen-Bag-Fashion-Ghana-TheGlowingColours Adubea Jensen-Bag-Fashion-Ghana-TheGlowingColours Adubea Jensen-Bag-Fashion-Ghana-TheGlowingColours

Adubea Jensen is a socially responsible brand that taps into Ghanaian heritage beading craftsmanship to create intricate, beaded handbags to suit every demographic.  Each handbag is uniquely made using tiny beads which are woven together to form exquisite one-of-a-kind bead bags.

The process is 100% handmade and a bag can take up to 50 hours to make. Their beautiful craftsmanship and limited availability make owning an Adubea Jensen an irresistible must-have.

Adubea Jensen, sourced in Africa, manufactured in Africa, exported from Africa.  Adubea Jensen; Changing lives one bead at a time.

You can find the collection at the Accra location as well as online.

Address: Adubea Jensen Shop, 4th Soula St, North Labone Ave, Labone, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 233358788 | +233 206358788

Email: info@adubeajensen.com

Website: www.adubeajensen.com

Facebook: Adubea Jensen

Instagram: @adubeajensen

Twitter: @adubeajensen