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Casual Look Now in Vogue? Check Out Cynthia & Angel Collection

This season trend across African design houses are moving towards casual and youthfull looks. Floral details still surface and less heavy textiles seem to go no where.

With that said, Cynthia & Angel  are bringing a very youthful collection to this space. According to their press report, the collection overall look is very specific. Idealized by the casualness that comes with the city of Abuja, the collection is strongly inspired by loungewear, fancy in mid and lean silhouettes with a great hint of pajama-style.

This collection conjures a vaguely sarcastic vibe with pieces that transits from work to play. The most appealing looks defy you with their sensuous but conservative charm. The clothes are for the playful and stylish professional woman who want a bit of strange awesomeness
Cynthia & Angel collection-TheGlowingColours-Fashion Cynthia & Angel collection-TheGlowingColours-Fashion Cynthia & Angel collection-TheGlowingColours-Fashion Cynthia & Angel collection-TheGlowingColours-Fashion

Exclusive| All Photos from Dinaka Gallery’s Opening of Sensory Experience By Sor Sen

Sor Sen was born on the 24th August, 1985. He is a graduate from the, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts (2008) and doubles with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Painting degree.
He has participated in many group exhibitions, competitions and international workshops. Sor Sen’s works engages social, cultural narratives of his immediate environment employing line a fundamental element of art for expression with strong stylistic influences from the post impressionist artists. Sor Sen’s paintings are sensitive yet evocative creations, which dramatizes his style. He lives and practices art in Abuja.

Awards / Prizes
2009: First prize winner, second edition of Egypt embassy, Abuja Art contest.
2010: Second position, professional category 2010, 3rd national visual art
competition. Organized by, National Gallery of Art
2011: Third prize winner, Life in my city art festival, Enugu
2012: Second position, National Visual art competition, professional category, organized
by National Gallery of Art, Nigeria
2013: Special recognition. Olusegun Obasanjo presidential library national art
Competition (OOPL) Ogun state
2013: Second position, Visual arts competition organized by embassy of Spain, Abuja
2013: Fourth prize winner, Experience Nigeria art show, organized by Africa Arts
Resource Centre, (AARC) Lagos

The sight of an artwork is capable of inducing critical thinking. It is not always seeing the world as representing the world as it exists and sometimes it can also stretch our ‘mindscape’ to see more than our physical eyes.
Sensory experience, within the literary milieu is described as an action that promotes consciousness of one or more of the five human senses: Hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste.
The conception of this exhibition aims to offer a survey of my body of work developed over time. Sor Sen’s works are an exploration of a conscious and unconscious artistic exploration that grant meaning to the essentials of living informed by my experiences gained through social interactions , readings on philosophy, poetry, patriotism, travel and history.
These artworks are not a purely objective description of the exterior nor an absolute subjective responses but an interface between the two. They bear social, moral and cultural values of the society. They also reflect the times and circumstances of their creation.
This exhibition is a personal artistic sojourn of years of practice, the endless routines, the hours of doubt and the tenacious overcoming of obstacles endured.
These works seek to engage the viewer on a personal visual vocabulary on social and cultural structures of the society as encountered by Sor Sen.
I am however optimistic that, a view of these works will elicit responses that is mental, perceptual and sensuous.


Image: Sor Sen

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