Style Scenery is Bringing Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Industries Together

Fashion is a billion dollar industry as well as a cultural pillar. The Nigerian fashion world has matured to meet up with global standards and there is an immense cultural heritage to tap from. As Lagos is establishing itself as an international fashion hub and has earned a spot on the fashion calendar of the world, it’s time for Abuja to become a bonafide fashion capital just like Paris, London and New York.



STYLE SCENERY is a platform dedicated to bringing together entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors across Nigeria to a forum where they can meet, network and exchange ideas. We will be devoted to the development and unification of the fashion labels and designers, beauty and cosmetic experts and also lifestyle entrepreneurs. This will lead to a stronger Nigerian cultural and market influence in international fashion.

This lifestyle experience event will include activities such as shopping, fashion illustrations, networking, beauty tips and so much more. Abuja’s pioneer entrepreneurs in areas of fashion, beauty and lifestyle will be recognized at the event and they will be available for mentorship and also share their experiences in their various fields. It will be an opportunity for everyone to discuss the future of the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle (FBL) industry.



We will be honoring three (3) Style Scenery pioneer entrepreneurs in the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle sector in Abuja. These 3 entrepreneurs are Dr. Samiah Oyekan-Ahmed (Fusion Lifestyle), Ogwa Iweze (Dzyn) and Ameera Abraham (The Nail Bar).

There will be giveaways our media partners and guest bloggers, beauty treats and nail painting by The Nail Bar, portraits by BigHstudios, red carpet paparazzi by MasterMinds Studios, Makeup by Claire Transformations, Live Music, high fashion labels and cocktails for all.

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