Style Review: A Fresh Spring Summer Collection Tranquil by Youdii

Youdii’s Spring Summer collection Tranquil has got us thinking of shopping on this blessed day.
Spring is here and Summer is already knocking on our door. How best to prepare for the sunny weather with a collection that is refreshing and youthful? Tranquil collection brings different wearable pieces and we can see a clear thought-out collection for Spring Summer.
Now you may think that the collection does not have over the top pieces but simplicity is key sometimes. Spring Summer collection Tranquil has a combination of really basic elegant dresses to intricately designed jumpsuit. It’s a delight!

In an upbeat world where everything seems too busy and chaotic there’s a need for a collection made up of neutrals and strong basic colours such as black, white and ash to create a sense of  serenity. The quality of the collection speaks for itself and we see a consistent use of patterns and fabrics.
The Spring Summer collection Tranquil takes inspiration from the necessity to showcase the poise and calmness every woman should exude. From the structured pieces which are  perfectly tailored to cascade beautifully over the feminine figure and create a sophisticated silhouette, to the juxtaposition of fabrics and textures. They essentially depict the different layers and struggles of a woman who amidst the chaos, is able to hold her head high with poise and tranquility.
 “Youdiii caters to the today’s woman that is on the move with an appreciation for timeless classics and the sophistication that comes with simplicity. This collection is for the strong woman who lives in her truth and is confident enough to accept her flaws and use it as a weapon of self empowerment and freedom” Says Udeme Usoro, Creative Director at Youdiii while speaking about the collection.
Looking for potential elegant outfit for an event? We recommend clicking the images below to check out in detail some of the pieces you like.
View images below to check out Youdii’s Spring Summer collection Tranquil:


Brand: @youdiii

Model : @nafeesa_butu for @gimodels

Photography: @gottay

makeup: @brides_blings_n_tiaras

Styling: @el_mirastyling

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