Check Out SMITH Jewellery Irresistible Spring/Summer 2017 Collection Grafica

Designer Anna Raimondo of SMITH Jewellery launches her Spring/Summer 2017 jewellery collection – Grafica. And we’re totally loving it!

From smartphones to public buildings, the modernist aesthetic is all around. Now, fine jewellery, too, like so many areas of contemporary art is going back to basics.


In the Grafica collection, the South Africa-based jewellery brand SMITH takes a more minimalistic approach towards design. Still keeping a sophisticated and clean look, this collection doesn’t feature the typical large earrings or statement necklaces you would see in Smith’s previous jewellery collections. However, it resonates more to an elegant and uncomplicated design that may look simple, but speak volumes.

Speaking about the collection, the designer Anna Raimondo who once studied luxury design in Richemont Group’s Creative Academy in Milan worked at Chloé comments “I designed these pieces to be subtle enough to wear every day but still visually striking enough to make a statement when worn,” says Anna Raimondo, the force behind SMITH Jewellery, of the new collection Grafica. “Most of the pieces are mismatched or can be worn various ways, so that the wearer can adapt the jewellery to her own needs.”

This exciting new collection comprises of jewels that are made in brass and silver. These colours, symbolising male and female energies respectively, the sun and the moon, luxury, wealth and wisdom, are combined to create eye-catching and elegant earrings, chokers, pendants, bangles and rings that are quite simply the perfect eye-catching addition to summer that every woman needs.

“I wanted to work with the gold and silver colours in the designs to make the pieces more versatile for the wearer,” says Anna. The colour differentiation is emphasised by the choice to mix square and round wire along with simple geometric shapes.”

The Grafica collection will speak to women who love elegant, uncomplic uncomplicated, designs with an edgy twist. These women are confident, passionate, light-hearted and optimistic.

You can find the latest collection on SMITH’s website. Shop Here

In the mean time, have a look at the gallery below for the jewellery collection:

SMITH Hand cut and fabricated sterling silver studs with brass rod drops.
Hand cut and fabricated sterling silver choker with brass dot and extender chain
Hand cut and fabricated sterling silver and brass studs

dot-chokerdot-pendant-studs-Anna-Raimondo-SMITHJewellery-TheGlowingColours-SouthAfrica Necklace-studs-Anna-Raimondo-SMITHJewellery-TheGlowingColours-SouthAfricaNecklace-studs-Anna-Raimondo-SMITHJewellery-TheGlowingColours-SouthAfrica

Photo Credit: SMITH Jewellery

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