Dressing up Nigerian has finally come full circle. Rele Gallery, leading contemporary art gallery made sure of that this past weekend.

From being allotted glossy pages of lifestyle magazines, to black and white ones in soft sells, to being touted in online media, and Instagram pages of fashion tastemakers, dressing up Nigerian has for the first time gotten its due in artistic form, in a career-defining exhibition, by illustrator and visual artist, Ibe Ananaba.

The exhibition, titled “Selense” opened last weekend at Rele Gallery.

Selense is a collection of 30-odd pieces that capture the bombastic Nigerian spirit of dressing. In generous strokes, oils and colour, the artist brings to life, women from runways, dandies from the street, show-offs and statement makers for whom extravagance is a statement to be made.

Selense, literally means to show off.

The artist also captures how we as a people perform this extravagance in the midst of Nigeria’s problems and quite often, in spite of it.

Guests also enjoyed Cointreau’s selection of Cointreau Fizz cocktails, while they fed their eyes and minds with works on display.

You will be well advised to come see it yourself, if you haven’t. The exhibition is open until September 26th 2016.

angel-keside-anosike-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Angel Keside Anosike
abraham-ogbahase-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Abraham Ogbahase
dennis-osadebe-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Dennis Osadebe
bidemi-zakariyau-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Bidemi Zakariyau
azu-nwabogu-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Azu Nwabogu
ayodeji-rotinwa-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Ayodeji Rotinwa
erinola-odugbesan-thomas-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Derinola Odugbesan Thomas
dozie-asinobi-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Dozie Asinobi
enyinna-anumudu-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Enyinna Anumudu
Exhibition-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Ibe Ananaba

Exhibition-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos Exhibition-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos

osione-itegboje-abraham-ogbahase-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos
Osione Itegboje Abraham Ogbahase

-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos -Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos Art-Selense-ReleGallery-TheGlowingColours- Lagos.


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