Q&A With Ahlam Of Exquisite At Art Night Out Abuja

This time last month we were rounding up the planning for Art Night Out II. Without a doubt we were seeking for designers that were focused, determined and most importantly knew the power of their brand. We got to speak chat with Ahlam, a talented fashion designer who runs Exquisite, a women’s brand based in Nigeria.

Ahlam is elegant and transmutes the same attitude in her creative work. We got to catch up with her during the three-day event to briefly understand where she sees her brand now and in a couple of years. Read our Q&A with the designer below.

When did you begin your brand and how?

I officially launched my brand on 1st January 2016. It was driven by my love to redefine the perspective of fashion.

What inspired your brand?
My inspiration comes from my passion for colors. Mix matching pieces to create an unforgettable story for clients. Redefining and merging the art of fashion to different lifestyle.
Ahlam (Exquisite Nigeria)
Ahlam (Exquisite Nigeria)
Who is your target market?

My brand cuts across different lifestyle age group and needs. It is targeted to meet the daily ready to wear outfits of individuals mostly between ages 18-45.


What role does social media and technology at large play in your business?
Social media is now the fastest and most effective means of communicating with my market. It comes from photo shoots to product display on different social medial platforms down to customers placing their orders and getting it delivered. To me social media and technology is a sin qua non to fashion. To coin it all up, I get to meet so many of my potential customers via social media like Instagram which has really worked wonders for me. I even get to know about most of the events I need to attend via social media platforms as well as get invitations to attend fashion related events which has moved my brand forward really fast within a very short time.
Do you intend to enter the menswear market anytime soon?
Well for now there is no laid out plan for menswear line. But maybe that might happen in the nearest future.
What’s next for your brand? Where do you see it in 5 years time?
My vision in the next 5 years is to have exquisite in all the major retail stores all over the country. I not only want it to be a brand known for quality but also, I want it to be a part of people’s lifestyle.
Why was Art Night Out a great forum to showcase your brand?
For exquisite, Art Night Out wasn’t just a platform to showcase. It was a an opportunity to support and encourage woman empowerment, which is one of its key role. Seeing the power and strength shared by the women was overwhelming. Meeting all the fabulous guests, and interacting was a platform for us all to learn and make plans for the future on how we can all work together to not only move the fashion industry in Nigeria forward but also to move and promote the African culture through fashion and art. 
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