Speed Mentoring Night for Creatives in Lagos? Apply Now to Attend Level Up

We came across the terminology “Level Up” when this year singer Ciara made a reference to her ex beau Future. But wait, that’s not what this all about. How do you grow, scale your business and learn? LEVEL UP is just 3 days away and it would be a shame to miss out on an experience and of course opportunity to chat with trailblazers, seasoned pros and senior creatives in the fashion/arts industry.

Have you heard about our Mentoring Scheme? Great! We’re holding our second Speed Mentoring Night in Lagos to once again get you up close and personal with the very best in the business. So whether or not you are part of our mentoring cohort you still get a chance to be mentored in a fun and relaxed setting. This is organised by The Assembly Hub.

Level Up will have individuals within Fashion, Visual Arts, TV, Publishing, PR, Advertising or Creative Direction. Despite the stage you are in your career or business, don’t miss this opportunity to build on the progress you’ve made so far. See who is attending below.





Adenike Ogunlesi – Founder & CRO Ruff n Tumble 
Michael Ugwu – GM Sony Music Africa / Founder, FreeMe Digital Ltd
Fade Ogunro – Executive TV Producer / Founder, Bookings Africa
Reze Bonna – Photographer, Founder ReZsolution
Banke Alawaye  – CEO Rock Salt Services Ltd 
Papa Omotayo – Founder, AWCA / Creative Director Moe+ art Architecture 
Lekan Oladunwo – Group Head Art, Insight Communications 
Simisola Esiri – Founder & E-I-C Schick Magazine 

Learn more about our Guest Mentors and apply here.

Date: 28th April 2018 | Time: 4PM
Venue: The Freeme Space
*Spaces are Limited*

4 Ways You Can Become an Intrapreneur in Your Organisation

A speaker once said that “it’s hard to manage entrepreneurs”. Why? you would ask. He explains that “entrepreneurs are always full of ideas” and it can be hard to manage there constant changing of ideas. If you’ve ever found yourself constantly making a list of ideas and adding to your ever ending to do list then, my friend, he is talking about you.

Even more, people with entrepreneurial traits don’t just like to have a vision or an idea, they also like to execute, create and implement those ideas and make an impact.

The notion that entrepreneurs have to go out there and conquer the world has evolved to entrepreneurs conquering the world through their employers. These are called intrapreneurs.

A simple definition I found here defines an intrapreneur as an employee of a large corporation who is given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc., and does not have to follow the corporation’s usual routines or protocols.

So how do you get about proposing an idea to your boss and getting their buy-in and support?

Have an Idea

First things first, dear intrapreneur – you must have an idea! How do you approach a senior leader within your firm and tell him/her about yourself without having an idea to bring to the table? Why should he/she listen to you? Carve time within his/her busy schedule to speak to you? Have an idea – not a complicated one. You should be able to explain your idea to a 10 year old – even more in one sentence. If you’re able to define your idea in one phrase then your boss / sponsor would be able to repeat the same sentence to others.

Build a Business Case

This may sound very corporate but you need to build a business case i.e. the why is very important. Have you read the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek? It clearly illustrates why your reason for doing or building anything is important and brings that into life with examples of companies that have done it well, such as Apple Inc. You can have a very detailed or simple but accurate business case. It should be reasonable, easy to read and understand. We can be tempted to be very analytical and go into deep level of details. It all depends on who will be holding your business case. What would they like to see? What’s in it for them? What’s their interest? By putting yourself in reader’s shoe you can identify areas you will need to prioritise when writing your business case.

Identify a Sponsor

Once you have a business case, look into your network and research key sponsors for your initiative. It’s easier if your sponsor knows you and you have mutual areas of interest. If you already have an established relationship, this allows you to tailor your business case appropriately. Overtime, I’ll try to write in detail on how you identify a sponsor and scenarios that can occur.

Once identified, contact your sponsor and schedule a meeting. Briefly mention about your idea and the motive for setting up the meeting. In preparation for the meeting, I suggest print a copy of your business case or artefacts that you have prepared if it’s a face to face meeting. If it’s a phone call, then email your business case to your potential sponsor. Make the necessarily last minute set up to ensure a successful meeting.

Start with a story. It could be your story, or the story of someone whose life you changed. Whatever you do, tell a story. This will get your proposal to stand out and make an emotional connection. Describe what you do. This is your mission statement. It explains why you do what you do. You have to really outline the benefits for the sponsor you’re approaching. Don’t forget the financials! How much are you asking for? How much should your sponsor invest in your project and what’s the ROI (Return on Investment)? You have to prepare for questions around the company’s benefits. Describe your demographics to your sponsor and expect that it ends positively. If it doesn’t, seek another sponsor and take into account things you would have done better and make improvements as you continue on your search for sponsor.

Build a Team, Execute and Manage

Have you got your sponsor who is ready to commit financially? The next step for the intrapreneur is to begin to build a team. Working on a project while doing your full time job can be hard but it’s also very rewarding if done well. Building a team makes it easier, fun and educative. You get to learn from each other, share ideas, build and ultimately manage a team. And of course see your team thrive. Based on the plan you have put together, share your idea and get the support from your team as well. The whole point is to make sure your stakeholders are happy.

Ensure that people feel the liberty to be part of something great and bigger than them. Allow your team to also select key areas to “own” in the process and project. From my experience, people are most invested when they have ownership.

Lastly, reach out to your sponsor and provide bi-monthly or monthly updates to your sponsor to keep them in the loop. Agree with your sponsor on when and how they would like to receive these updates. Did I mention that you can have multiple sponsors as well? Yes you can.

Did you find this post insightful? I’ll be sharing some of my tips and lessons learned building and championing some of my projects including The GlowingColours.com.

What tips have you used in building your business or entrepreneurial project?

Applications Open for Orange Social Venture Prize 2018 Competition

Why do entrepreneurs apply to competitions such as Orange Social Venture Prize? For the money; coaching; increase in reputation and credibility and of course a number of opportunities that may follow?  Here’s another incredible opportunity to apply for Telecommunications giant Orange eighth Orange Social Venture Prize in Africa and the Middle East.

Applications, opened on 1 March and will close 31 May.

What Is It?

The Orange Social Venture Prize aims to reward innovation in information and communication technology — particularly in education, healthcare, agriculture, mobile payments and sustainable development — which improves the living conditions of people in Africa and the Middle East.

Orange Social Venture Prize applicants have to be over 21 years old and must be resident in one of 17 countries where Orange has subsidiaries

The prize, which was launched in 2011, has since its launch provided support to 20 projects.

“1,200 projects were submitted in 2017, a 60% increase over 2016. Support for talented startups is at the heart of Orange’s development strategy. With the Orange Social Venture Prize, we reaffirm our commitment to being a partner for the innovators working to improve daily life ever year,” said Bruno Mettling, Orange Middle East and Africa CEO said in a statement.

How Can I Apply?

To be eligible, applicants have to be over 21 years old.

The competition will start with a national phase during which each of the 17 participating Orange subsidiaries — namely Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Tunisia, Jordan, Liberia, and Burkina-Faso — will assess the projects submitted and select three winners in their respective countries.

Thereafter, the 51 finalists will compete before an international panel of judges, which will then present the Orange Social Venture Prize to the three final winners at AfricaCom in Cape Town this November.


What’s In It For Me?

This are the prizes involved:

  • 1st winner: €25 000
  • 2nd Winner: €15 000
  • 3rd Winner: €10 000

Plus six months of tailored support from startup incubation and financing experts.

Maison the Cafe is Hosting an Art Exhibition and Paint Class in Abuja

Happening this week – Maison the Cafe, a new chic spot for all things tea and fine coffee are hosting an art exhibition. It doesn’t stop there, they are having a paint class as well. Just in time for the International Women’s Day, don’t miss the event on March 9th and 10th.
In the email sent by the director of Maison the Cafe explains that Kweyve stands for the one woman; or the woman amongst women. The women I paint are a depiction of all the different types of women that exist.
Maison the Cafe
“Women in the north, where I’m from are stripped of their identities very early on. I understand that this will take more that a painting, but it could be a start. A sisterhood of unstoppable forces.” – Hafsy Kwevye

Maison the Cafe Paint Class: Brew & A Brush

Find the perfect mix of creativity and conversation. Sip your brewed drink and create a painting — best part, you take away a painting & new friend, hopefully!
Time: 10am (Both Days)
How cool is this? The sessions are open to kids and adults.

Be Social

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“Here’s to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” Happy International Women’s Day.

Nominate A Startup for LBS Africa Club Accel Entrepreneurship Awards

Have you been thinking of new opportunities for your startup? The London Business School (LBS) Africa Club is launching their inaugural Accel Entrepreneurship Awards and you’re invited to nominate or put up your startup for the award. The target is mainly early-stage startups. If you fall into that category, apply now!

The Accel Entrepreneurship Awards aim to showcase emerging entrepreneurial talent from Africa to venture capitalists (VCs) and industry specialists.

The awards is happening this Spring in London and will see 3 top startups get a portion of £15 000. You have until 23 March to send your applications.

The top 3 winning startups will get a share of £15000 Accel Entrepreneurship Awards

For entrepreneurs to be eligible they must have a proof of concept or a minimum viable product.

In addition, applicants must be able to demonstrate interest in getting mentorship and ability to secure further funding for their ideas.

Entrepreneurs that make it to the top list will receive a fully sponsored trip to London in April where they will participate in a mentorship programme with London Business School members.

All the participants will get ready for their May pitch and present their enterprises in front of business professionals, industry experts and investors at the London Business School African Business Summit (LBS ABS). The winning team will be selected from the Summit.

Good luck to all the applicants.

Featured image: LBS Africa Club via Twitter

Comfort and Elegance? You Should See these Photos from Wanni Fuga

Nigerian contemporary ready-to-wear brand, Wanni Fuga has opened their first store in Lekki, Lagos. The brand is joining a league of designers opening their stores to give customers a complete brand experience.


Ready to add some feminine touch to your collection, then you should check out the latest wears from Wanni Fuga.

Founded by Toluwani Wabara in 2014, the brand is known for its staple female tunics, kaftans and two piece outfits. To celebrate the launch of their new flagship store in Lekki, they have released new images to celebrate another this milestone.

The photos feature their ready-to-wear pieces aired with hand bags and accessories from APàáRT and Raya Jewellery, now available both in store and now online: www.wannifuga.com.

Wanni Fuga follows very simple design rules. They focus on the people and what they want while ensuring her pieces are stylish yet comfortable. The clothing brand appeals to a broad market within and outside Nigeria and its unique value proposition lies on offering customers ready to wear outfits.

The Wanni Fuga flagship store is located at B1, Alexander court (by circle mall), Osapa Road, Lekki , Lagos. Make sure you check it out.

The Collection

Wannifuga-StoreOpen-Lagos-TheGlowingColours-AfricanBrand   Wannifuga-StoreOpen-Lagos-TheGlowingColours-AfricanBrand Wannifuga-StoreOpen-Lagos-TheGlowingColours-AfricanBrand Wannifuga-StoreOpen-Lagos-TheGlowingColours-AfricanBrandWannifuga-StoreOpen-Lagos-TheGlowingColours-AfricanBrand

Shoot Credits:

Handbags: @ApaartAfrica

Jewellery: @Raya.Jewellery

Hair: @AnneEliseRealHair

Photography: @olupitanolusanyaphotography

Creative Direction: @SMAOnline.co

Makeup: @MakeupbyNara_

Models: @benitaOyeka, @Francesigweonu

African Art – You Can’t Miss These Exhibitions in 2018

We’re witnessing an incredible variety of events in the African art world. We’ve put together a list of exhibitions opening in February from London, Lagos and South Africa.

Do you know about a new gallery that showcases African art? Drop us a note about them.



Etiyé Dimma Poulsen and Stacey Okparavero Take Gallery of African Art

Ethiopian artist Etiyé Dimma Poulsen and Nigerian artist Stacey Okparavero are taking the lead at Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) in London opening tonight. Why don’t you show them some love and come over tonight for the opening event. Don’t forget of course to RSVP.

Venue: Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), 45 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JL

Taiye Idahor Will be at Tyburn Gallery for ‘ÒKHÙO’ Exhibition

From February 9 to May 9, 2018, Tyburn Gallery, London will present Òkhùo, a solo exhibition of recent works by contemporary Nigerian artist Taiye Idahor. Working within media as diverse as sculpture, collage, drawing, and installation, she explores layers of themes which are simultaneously universal and intimate, expressing female and African identity within the broader contexts of history, tradition and globalisation.

The private view is on Thursday 8 February, 6 – 8:30pm. There’s also an artist talk during the reception evening . Time: 6-6:30pm

Tafeta Gallery Has George Osodi’s Royalty on Display

From January 17 to February 12, 2018, Tafeta Gallery, London will present Royalty, a solo exhibition featuring works from George Osodi’s well-travelled series ‘Nigerian Monarchs’. The artist works in colour and combines critical reportage with artistic documentary photography. His subjects are mostly social, economic and ecological exploitation of man and nature in the Niger Delta.

SOAS Looks at Legacies of Biafra

From January 11 to March 21, 2018, Brunei Gallery will present Legacies of Biafra, a group exhibition featuring works predominantly from the artistic collective Nigeria Art Society UK (NASUK), which will be exhibited alongside archival materials on the war, oral narratives of those who lived through the war and a selection of short films. In an exploration of Britain and Biafra, the exhibition will showcase material from the personal archive of the late British-Nigerian writer Buchi Emecheta, which sheds light on the experience of watching the war in one’s homeland unfold through the lens of the international media.

Participating artists include Ade Ogundimu, Chinwe Chukuogo Roy (MBE), Imoesi Imhonigie, Obi Okigbo, Raymond Soko, Titus Agbara, Toni Ndikanwu, Edosa Oguigo, Ndidi Dike, Ngozi Schommers, Onyema Offoedu-Okeke and Uzo Egonu


Wallen Mapondera: Samusha Weiri Dongo

From January 20 to February 24, 2018, SMAC Gallery, Johannesburg will present Samusha weiri Dongo, an exhibition of recent work by Zimbabwean artist Wallen Mapondera.


At Work: Exhibition Open until February 9th!

At Work, the Arthouse Foundation Artist Residency Exhibition, is open until Friday, February 9th!
Kia Showroom, 43B Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
10 AM – 5 PM

At Work features projects by Francois BeaurainNengi OmukuKadara EnyeasiThierry OussouJimmy NwanneGloria Oyarzabal Lodge andChristian Newby, created during the artists’ three-month residencies with the Arthouse Foundation in 2017. With a prompt to experiment with new forms and ideas that were inspired by their experiences in Lagos, these artists question how we interact and move within the urban environment and how cultural identity is framed through complex social and political forces.

Cuba and Old Khaki’s Youthful Summer Collection

We’re living for the Old Khaki’s SS18 collection. The South African brand is bringing Cuban vibes this Summer. A beautiful infusion of old Cuba and tropical summer – very ‘buena vista’. The collection brings summer vibes, think millennial pink, summer berries, yellows, olive green and shades with a dark base accentuated by vibrant prints.

“Picture dark jumpsuits, worn on their own or offset with a fresh white T-shirt underneath, or shadow-patched, mid-wash skinny jeans or bright blue stretch jeggings teamed with a loose off-the-shoulder top. Pair culottes with comfortable sneakers or sandals,” says Old Khaki’s womenswear buyer, Dalene Gourley. “Our new range of embroidered, off-the-shoulder dresses is just right for easy-wearing on a hot summer night, and then there are our fabulous kimonos, perfect for slipping into after a day at the beach – a first for Old Khaki.”

Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection

You know nice shorts and dresses will provide cool relief on a hot day. This feminine, playful attention to detail is carried through in the raffia pompoms on their sun hats and the tasselled accessories and scarves.

For the first time, Old Khaki is offering women a choice between sun hats and caps with floral detailing. How awesome.

The Cuban theme is also in the menswear range. Unlike the womenswear, it has more graphic and tropical prints. In terms of the colours, there’s a lovely combination of millennial pink and summer berries with olive green and charcoal, or yellow with navy and olive.

Let’s Talk Shoes!

For women, there is a great variety of sandals featuring lace-ups, gladiators, sliders and espadrilles – summer’s quintessential slip-on-and-step-out shoe. More sturdy, but no less stylish, are their sneakers that include options in tan, grey, navy and pops of olive green to echo the season’s fashion colours.

Sneakers make up a big part of the men’s footwear range, too, with a choice of blue, grey, olive or black. In addition, staples such as Caterpillars are back on the shelves, as are wrap sandals, thongs and fisherman sandals.


Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection Old-Khaki_SS17_TheGlowingColours_AfricanFashion_New Collection

The first items are already available in store and now online www.oldkhaki.co.za

Facebook: OldKhaki

Twitter: @old_khaki

Instagram: @oldkhaki

Now Open: Art Noise Travel Residency Program 2018

Calling all artists to have a look at this new exciting art residency programme by Art Noise. Art Noise Travel Residency Program 2018 has launched a new art residency you should know about. There is opportunity for candidates to travel across Africa and meet other artists in the process with a final exhibition in Lagos. How cool is that?


Catch the details below and apply apply apply!

Who Should Apply:

Visual artists, applied artists, designers, art theorists/writers, cultural students are invited to explore African Arts and Cultures through work-study relationships with contemporary African artists and traditional artisans as well as personal work across Kenya, Mauritius and Tunisia with the final exhibition in Lagos.


Applicants should be able to speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portugese or German.

Residency Funding / Support:

Selected candidates for the residency will receive

  • Monthly Project Allowance of up to $2,000
  • Travel Allowance
  • Accomodation
  • Technical Support

Important Dates:

  • Selection of candidates: Mid-May 2018
  • Residency begins: June 2018
  • Residency Period: 3 months

Apply now by clicking this link on Art Noise site here.

Are you interested? Do you know somebody that should apply? Please share this post.

Calling All Entrepreneurs – Apply Now for Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme 2018

Are you an entrepreneur? In other words, do you spend time trying to provide a solution to a problem in the market? The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme – TEEP  is for you!. Stand a chance to become the next grand African entrepreneur.

The annual programme offers 10,000 aspiring African Entrepreneurs an opportunity to benefit from $100 million grant to create 1,000,000 jobs and contribute $10 billion in annual revenues to Africa’s economy over the next 10 years.


Application Period: Interested entrepreneurs will be able to submit their applications to join the programme as from 1st January 2018 until Midnight WAT on March 1, 2018.

Opportunity is open to: All citizens (18 and above) and legal residents of all African countries with businesses that operate in Africa.

About Entrepreneurship Programme: Nigerian billionaire investor and philanthropist Tony Elumelu has committed $100 million to create 10,000 entrepreneurs across Africa over the next 10 years. Elumelu made the commitment on Monday during a press conference in Lagos to announce the launch of The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP). The programme has run successfully since 2015 and has given upcoming entrepreneurs a great start.

The multi-year programme comes with training, funding, and mentoring. It’s designed to empower the next generation of African entrepreneurs.

Date Founded: 2015

Programme: Funding for African Entrepreneurs

Slots Available: 1,000 positions available annually for 10 years

Value of Programme: The 1,000 start-ups selected from a pool of applicants across Africa will participate in a comprehensive programme which will include;

  • A customised 12-week business skills training course
  • Start-Up Enterprise Toolkit
  • Mentoring
  • Resource Library
  • 2-Day Boot Camp
  • Seed Capital Funding
  • Elumelu Forum
  • Alumni Network

Duration of Programme: The programme will identify and help grow 10,000 start-ups and young businesses from across Africa over the next 10 years. These businesses will in turn create 1,000,000 new jobs and contribute $10 billion in annual revenues to Africa’s economy.

How to Apply: All applications must be submitted online through the TEEP Portal. Answer a series of mandatory questions and upload additional documents and identification materials. You will receive a confirmation email within 1 working day of submission.

More details about the program, including eligibility and the application and selection processes are available on the Tony Elumelu Foundation website at: www.tonyelumelufoundation.org/TEEP.

Additional note:

  • In 2017, TEEP empowered 1,000 African entrepreneurs, selected from over 20,000 applicants, with start-up investment, active mentoring, business training, an entrepreneurship boot camp and regional networking across Africa.
  • Entrepreneurs, with an average age range of 21-40, from 51 African countries completed the programme and received $5,000 in seed capital for their start-up businesses.
  • The Tony Elumelu Foundation invested a total of $4,860,000, including $1,405,000 in agriculture; $410,000 in education and training; and $365,000 in manufacturing.  The sector-agnostic programme funded start-ups across a further 20 industries, all based in Africa.

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