Olufemi Nangi: Everything You Need to Know [Interview]

Aimee Song of Song of Style described bloggers as people who “represent the masses because we’re real people, not supermodels or celebrities, so consumers can relate to us”. Don’t you agree that sometimes the ladies in the magazine are somewhat “distant” from us? and in all honesty relate to a certain demographic?

Olufemi has just started a blog which according to her bio, she is using to shift the discourse about women, especially black women. The fashion darling is not sharing chic outfits – wait for it – she uses illustrations! How amazing is that (excuse the excitement but we love illustrations!).

We caught up Olufemi to get to know her and understand why she chose to use these buzz-worthy and fashionable illustrations to share outfits.

Something tells us that you would be keeping up with Femi’s blog.  Read on and Enjoy!

We want to get to know you. Could you tell us. Who is Olufemi?

Femi is diverse, adventurous, fashion forward.


Your bio says you’re a blogger, traveler and unapologetic. How brilliant! How did you decide to present your posts through illustrations – I mean gorgeous illustrations?

well thank you! I think I just decided to make the illustrations as realistic as possible. I really just wanted to make it very..ME. It’s just a reflection of who I am.


Your characters are interesting and unique with strong references towards women and aesthetic. Could you possibly tell us about it? What inspired your art?

I think that showing the world that women can multifaceted is what inspires my art. I’m also in love with seeing other women of color that are into minimalism as well.


When did you begin your journey as a blogger and could you walk us through the process of deciding to start a personal blog and perhaps using illustrations to present your posts / outfits.

Well I’ve always been into fashion. People always ask me where did I get certain items from or how do I get makeup on my avatar. I just thought it was a good idea to start something where I could help other women with their fashion and makeup looks as well. My process with deciding on outfits is pretty much whatever mood I’m in.

Do you have any design and artistic influences?

YES! one of my favorite youtubers/model Nikki PerkinsPatricia Bright and Solange


Are there specific artists, movements, books, or online resources that have been pivotal in your development and daily work?

Definitely I think this whole “loving your melanin” movement inspires a lot of my work. I love having darker skin and I love that black girls are starting to become carefree. It feels like a whole sisterhood.

OlufemiNangi_TheGlowingColours_2017_Interview OlufemiNangi_TheGlowingColours_2017_Interview

I must admit I quickly fell in love with each post as I absolutely love illustrations. Which illustrators have inspired you and in what way?

For me it would probably be the ones where I travel. I just love showing and creating different vacations. It just inspires me to travel more and enjoy life.


What’s your favourite art work / illustration so far? Could you share? And why?

I don’t think I have a favorite. I believe all of them speak to me and other women in a different way.

How has your diverse background influenced your work and your outlook in life?

Well I am Senegalese and Cambodian, and those are just two totally different cultures in itself. I think both have taught me that even though the cultures are different the morals are still the same. It helps me relate to people of different cultural backgrounds.

From your bio, you’ve done a lot of travelling, which destinations are your top 3?

Why should we visit. Thailand, Senegal anddd I would have to say Paris. Thailand because it’s breath taking and just super peaceful. Senegal for me was just like visiting home. Paris just gave me the opportunity to dress up and show out lol

What is your “Must Have” when travelling? 

My must have is a camera! I love keeping track of all of my memories 

You mentioned you want to essentially debunk the stereotypes about black women in the fashion industry. What do you think should happen in terms of fostering conversations around stereotypes in fashion?

I think that black women are so diverse! We can be avante garde and soft as well. We aren’t only baby oil and swimsuits, I think that once we stop sexualizing black women we can get to a place where the content isn’t all about the body.

Do you have any particular projects that you are excited about? Would you like to share.

Right now I don’t have anything lined up, but I am excited about my journey as a blogger in general!

What’s next for you and your blog?

I really would like to be able to partner with other companies! Hopefully that happens for me.




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