Melanin Poppin! Mozambican Entrepreneur Celmira Amade Starts Skincare Line For Melanin-Rich Skin

What happens when a serial entrepreneur suffers blemishes, dryness and uneven tone due to change of environment? She creates something great! Yes you read it right! This is the story of Celmira Amade, an Entrepreneurship student at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. The Mozambican entrepreneur found herself with skin issues and instead of complaining, she found a solution.

Celmira Amade

After spending time and energy searching across mainstream UK beauty stores and still not finding anything natural and designed specifically for melanin-rich skin, she eventually settled for make-up as a temporary solution. Despite being offered alternatives in skin bleaching products, Celmira didn’t give up but rather decided to start a company which would benefit other women across the world.

The beauty products are inspired by Tsaka, the ancient Mozambican beauty recipes given to her by her grandmother. Tsaka (pronounced SAKA with a silent T); means happiness in the Ronga dialect of Mozambique and this entrepreneurial journey has certainly led this young businesswoman to discover the true meaning of happiness.

This highly effective wonder product is formulated with rare plant extracts from the Olacaceae family that are only found in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Madagascar – and it is the first beauty line in the UK to use this ingredient extensively. The mask has high anti-inflammatory and smoothing properties that minimise post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, which is a serious issue in melanin-rich skin. It also deep cleans, detoxifies and smoothens the skin without clogging your pores. But the real wonder of the TSAKA facial lies on its preservative free formula, boasting a one-year period after opening shelf life.

As a vegan skincare company launching its first product for melanin-rich skin, TSAKA pays tribute to time tested traditional African beauty recipes – pushing the boundaries of possibilities in natural beauty.
It’s exciting to have more female African entrepreneurs following their passion and finding ways to launch new ventures.

Be sure to try out Tsaka new range of products.

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