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If you were to communicate to your younger self, what would you say? How would yo begin to write and pour your hard-won wisdom to your 15 year old self? What do you know now that you wish you’d known then?

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We have invited individuals to take a look back into the past and write a letter. Writing a letter to my younger self ‘can be a very powerful tool to make peace with your past. It is also a way to inspire your present and future. You will find these letters dropping on the site from men and women from all walks of life.

Obi is a law professional and an absolute brilliant young lady. We invited her to pen a letter to her younger self. The letter is so full of wisdom, passion and life-filling words. The future will indeed always be bright!


Dear young O,

Don’t worry – stop crying. Everything is going to be ok. What you find stressful now is only a stepping stone to where God is taking you. Try and learn to stop, pause and breathe. Whilst doing all of that – pray. Even if you don’t know what to say, you can just whisper in your spirit, Lord help me.

Always remember that you’re destined for greatness and that nothing you go through is just for the sake of it. Everything you do, see, experience and every person you meet is for a reason and sometimes for a specific season. Look at how far God has brought you and where He is taking you. If anything, you should be happy about not knowing what tomorrow may bring or not really understanding what you’re supposed to do now.

Life, if we have faith and belief, has a way of going in accordance to God’s plan. But you have to let go of trying to do everything by yourself and in your own way. Sometimes you don’t always have to know the concrete plan for your life or even the finite details.

Even having a holistic view might be too much detail. As long as you are trying your best and aiming for Heaven then you should be fine. Although this may sound easy or perhaps very simplistic, it’s actually the best.

I think learning to rest and be at peace with your today and with your Maker is key. He will and has always guided you on paths of righteousness. Imagine speaking to your mum and telling her about your worries and she replied with:

“Don’t worry, I got you”. And then every day you still keep telling her problems and asking her to help you – wouldn’t she find that a bit annoying, especially as she’s already reassured you that she’ll handle it? Similarly with God, if He’s already said that the plans He has for you are of good and not evil, it doesn’t matter about you’re A-Level grades or GCSE’s or where you’ll go to University.

Just know that He has the best in store for you. Do your best and He’ll definitely do the rest for you. Remember, your destination and where you are going is far more important than where you started. Don’t worry about your background or your past. Focus on your future and stay positive. Believe that you will be the best in anything you do and have an open heart to change.

Talent can only get you so far. Put in the hard work. Do the networking, send out those emails to people that inspire you, hope that they reply and catch up over a coffee. They may even connect you to another person that will help you with your various goals including; your career, family, spirituality and mental mindset. If they don’t reply, that’s no biggy.

Focus on the end goal; making heaven and fulfilling purpose on earth. Your future will always be bright. Stay positive and remember that you serve an awesome God who loves you to bits. You have such loving and supportive family and friends.

The world out there, albeit cold sometimes, is ready for you to take center stage. Go and shine and use the gifts He gave you. And whilst doing that, be humble, dedicated and loyal to what is in front you.

Love you lots,

Your 24 year old self


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