Jo Maxwell Show is Giving Black Women in Britain a Platform to Share Their Stories

Jo Maxwell Show is Giving Black Women in Britain a Platform to Share Their Stories

​Jo Maxwell show is building a platform for black British women to share their unique stories. With a career in IT within the financial sector and a passion for the media, British-Nigerian media personality, Jo (Ibijoke) Maxwell is combining both to tell success stories of black British people.

She rarely saw black women and men on TV who reflected the positive success stories that she was surrounded by within her network. Jo’s passion to see the black community in the UK excel has brought her to become a spokesperson for all things black excellence. Her new talk show will give women an opportunity to showcase these successes and counteract the lack of visibility for Black women in the UK within Mainstream media. It will also feature inspirational black men who enrich their communities.

The Jo Maxwell Show was launched on YouTube in 2017 with the first season “PEPTALK”, covering a range of topics that pushed the boundaries of the usual conversations within the Black Community in the UK.

“I decided to undertake this journey to allow me to showcase some of the inspiring and amazing black people who have done so well for themselves in the UK. I also wanted to tackle real life issues and topics that the Black British Community is not always confident in talking about  i.e. Child Sexual Abuse, Why African men do not like to marry older women, Should a Woman downplay her success to keep a Man, Domestic Violence and more” –  Jo Maxwell

The Show reminds black women from across the diaspora in the UK and internationally that there is really no box to think out of and that there is no limit to their potential.

Just like Jo Maxwell show motto says “Stand out and make a difference.” She will be making an impact in 2018 Jo through the 2nd series of PEPTALK aimed at Black women from all over the world and The UK including African and Caribbean diaspora and African-American community.

She will be launching a new show called One to One, aimed at Black men and women across the world. The show is currently based in the UK but the power of YouTube means that it has a global audience and Jo will be filming the show internationally in the future.

Jo believes that everyone exists to add value to people around them and the world they live in.

How awesome is that?​

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