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Some of you must have come across some elegant and timeless watches that have become a must have. One out of 5 people knows or has heard about Daniel Wellington watches and we  can now see why.


The brand approached us to have a look and review their latest watch collection. We got to choose one out of the watch range for women they had up on their website. We selected the ‘Dapper Reading’, which was quite appealing to the eyes and especially for the leather strap. We wanted something that we can wear during the day for work appointments and also a piece quite fitting for a night out. The wrist watch speaks for itself. Quite affordable with a simple design – pretty much a classic watch.


The accessory arrived just in time for my meeting with a Nigerian designer to whom I showed the wrist watch and she immediately said ‘How beautiful. The Rose god appeals femininity, glamour as well as the leather strap makes it serious’. My thoughts exactly! This obviously means that I can wear it for every occasion and not worry about having the appropriate accessory.

DanielWellington-Shopping-Watch-TheGlowingColours DanielWellington-Shopping-Watch-TheGlowingColours

Daniel Wellington’s time pieces stand out not just because it’s classic i design but because of this youthful appeal to it. It can look preppy but still sophisticated. Another aspect that definitely stands out is the design quality. Quite simple and ‘old school’ given from the Italian leather straps. I’m quite happy with the choice of black straps because I’m not much of risk taker with accessories. I’d rather keep it simple so I can wear the watch whenever and for whatever occasion.

I added my cute bracelet to create a bit of contrast to the dark strap just to give the wrist a bit of life. You can try different colours at this point because as you know by now, black goes with everything!

I’m quite happy with my choice and so far many people have noticed the latest arm candy and I’m loving the attention. 😉 Thanks DW!

DanielWellington-Shopping-Watch-TheGlowingColours (13) DanielWellington-Shopping-Watch-TheGlowingColours (15)

I’m totally sold on Daniel Wellington watches, so expect some more Instagram featuring the watch for sure!
The brand has been generous as well and has decide t o give 15% discount to The followers.
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Have fun!

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