FashionXTech: From Adebayo Oke-Lawal to Sharon Ojong Check Out our Top Looks from the Event

FashionXTech event hosted by Spice TV brought together a panel of the finest in the fashion and technology industry for a networking event as part of its happy Hour Series.

FashionXTech brought five innovative startup companies and entrepreneurs using technology to redefine the fashion industry as they presented their products and services. There was also a panel session with brands operating in the fashion and technology industries which included Damilola Jegede from NairaBox, Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture, Ikenna Okonkwo of, and Bisola Adeniyi of Lady Biba.

fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-1The Panel

The panel session was moderated by TechCabal and succeeded in delivering forward thinking conversations on how to develop products in the fashion and technology industries.

Guests mingled and networked as they sipped on drinks provided by Chivas and were gifted with special discounts from Nairabox and Privinto.

Check out our favourite looks from the networking event.

Ariyike Akinbobola-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-14
Ariyike Akinbobola
Sharon Ojong-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-14
Sharon Ojong
Deola Adebiyi-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-13
Deola Adebiyi
Nkem Okorafor-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-11
Nkem Okorafor
Bayo Oke Lawal-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-10
Bayo Oke Lawal
Elma Godwin -fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-9
Elma Godwin
Hanson Keren-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-8
Hanson Keren
Toyosi Clay-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-7
Toyosi Clay
Bisola Adeniyi-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-6
Bisola Adeniyi
Paul Okpara-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-4
Paul Okpara
Ayo Van Elma-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-5
Ayo Van Elma
Valerie Ike-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-3
Valerie Ike
Bankole Oluwafemi-fashionxtech-theglowingcolours-chivas-event-style-lagos-october-2
Bankole Oluwafemi

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