Enigma Art Collective Presents Colourism Exhibition


Abuja art scene is becoming more and more vibrant with new art exhibitions opening in select locations.

Pop up gallery, Enigma Art Collective presents COLOUR.ISM, an exhibition set to open on April 28th, which brings on the centre stage, the problems of colour and identity.

According to the organisers, the meaning of COLOUR.ISM is the discrimination of human beings based on their skin colour and pigment. This exhibition looks at the lives of those human beings in our society who live without skin pigmentation- Albinos.

COLOUR.ISM evolved from a thirst to give a voice to the dismissed, presenting a stage for dialogue. By focusing our creative energy on moulding a social commentary with our audience, we gave this exhibition the content to create an emotional and ethereal experience.

For more info about the exhibition, visit www.cargocollective/enigmaart

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