Editorial: Woman Of The Moment Nike Oshinowo Is A Cover Girl

How fabulous is Nike Oshinowo…

Former beauty queen Nike Oshinowo covers the new issue of Allure Vanguard magazine.

The new TV host discusses her journey in the media, art, culture and entertainment, turning 50, being a single mom as well as the joys of motherhood.
On her “Late nights with Nike Oshinowo” she claims “I cringe when I see myself on TV. I can’t bear listening to the sound of my own voice”

Read excerpts from her interview below:

On her new show: It’s no secret that I love TV. I’m a very visual person. With ‘Late Night with Nike Oshinowo’, I want to bring our industry leaders, designers, political leaders and musicians – really anyone who’s influencing pop culture – closer to its public through the means of frank, candid interviews.

On the feedback from her show: I can never be happy with my performance. I cringe when I see myself on TV. I can’t bear to listening to the sound of my own voice but I’m told the show has been extremely well received.

On being a single mum: Like everyone else, I just do the best I can. I’m constantly juggling. I constantly feel guilty. I constantly feel I should be better and should be doing a lot more with them. As a mother, it’s never ending. But I do acknowledge that I am very lucky to have a phenomenal team at home.

On the possibility of surgery: It’s so easy for someone who looks like me to say NO; when every time I look in the mirror the face of a thirty-year old stares back at me. If I didn’t look like this; if I hadn’t aged so well; who knows? It’s an impossible question to answer.

For more on Nike Oshinowo’s interview check out Vanguard Allure, January 2015 issue or click on the images for the full interview:




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