Duro Olowu Presents Prints & Patterns in Latest Collection! See the Lookbook Here

Nigerian designer, Duro Olowu, is back with a full collection of his unique style and signature capes in big and bold prints for womenswear. This new collection is something more of a transition into a new phase for the brand and we are thrilled to share images from his 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

The collection is inspired by Fauvist painter and avant-garde artist Kees van Dongen. According to mr Olowu,

“His paintings were second to none. This thing is, though, he never lost sight of the woman in his paintings. You always see the eyes”.

Applying the same technique, Duro Olowu brings a collection that is more varied in its textures and silhouettes. Alongside his signature capes and tailored mixed-print dresses he added flounced tank and full skirt of black lace and silk taffeta, a voluminous and very glam gown of pastel brocade, and formal shirtdresses in sliced organza or damask that featured dramatic draped backs. For day, meanwhile, he had a kimono jacket, split A-line skirt, and nipped-waist jacket made from grid-checked knit wool.

According to  Maya Singer of Style.com

what kept this collection from feeling like a total departure—beyond the inclusion of much Olowu-trademark mixed print—was its reliance on disciplined tailoring. That’s another signature and the thing that always makes his vibrant clothes look grown-up and sophisticated and not at all like a free-for-all.

The collection expresses a new dimension of the brand, although critics are already weighing in their two cents on the collection claiming that the fashion house keeps repeating itself.

See the collection of Duro Olowu below in the gallery:


Photo Credit
: Luis Monteiro
Makeup: Maria Papadopoulou
Hair: Chrysostomos Chamalidis
Models: Vick Sirotyuk & Portia Okocha
Photo Source: Style.com

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