Looking at New Brand Cynthia and Angel Studios Debut Collection

Nigerian fashion design brand Cynthia and Angel Studios debuts first collection for Spring Summer 2017. We’re told the brand is an Abuja-based upscale womenswear brand that caters to the sartorial needs of today’s woman.

Launching a brand requires a minimum level of focus. To a certain degree the process can be tedious, business and creative-wise. While we would like to provide our honest view on first timers, we have to acknowledge the effort of the creative director for putting this collection together. The collection is inspired by everyday women according to the press report. Similarly, many other collections we have profiled bring the same rhetoric.


Women like all of us: The weak and the strong; the dependent and the independent; the powerful and the powerless, because just like clothes, there’s no one type of a woman, and it’s these different women that inspired this collection.

Can we perhaps advise that African designers ought to be more precise in the description of who their target clients are? The inspiration though is seen in the white dress but to be frank not in the other outfits. What does an every day woman look like? What does she wear? Where does she work? How old is she? What does she like? The reflection of every type of woman can not be easily mirrored through just one collection. Is it wrong to assume?

Agreed that the inspiration may be vague, we see the casual side of the everyday woman perhaps in the choice of footwear (Sliders are in vogue!). The model seems carefree as she duns her beautiful afro cut which seems to fit every look from the Cynthia and Angel Studios collection. The collection mixes different textiles. We see velvet, lace and cotton dominating the looks. Though, velvet pairs quite well with lace, the collection could have been more striking with statement pieces. We definitely like the first piece without a doubt!

However, this may not seem to be on our top list of favourite collections, but we’re looking forward to more collections from Cynthia and Angel Studios that recognises the competition in Africa’s fashion market.

Tip: Make sure you stand out!

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CynthiaStudios-TheGlowingColours-April-2017 (1) CynthiaStudios-TheGlowingColours-April-2017 (1) CynthiaStudios-TheGlowingColours-April-2017 (1) CynthiaStudios-TheGlowingColours-April-2017 (1)


Have a look at the gallery below for the full collection. Let us know your thoughts.

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Creative Credits:
Brand: Cynthia and Angel Studios – @cynthiaandangels
Photography: Zamani Istifanus – @xamanijnr
Stylist and Creative Director: Richard Akuson – @richardakuson for @theprboy_ng
Makeup: Victor Ugochukwu – @vugo24
Model:  Titilayo Oluwaseun @missytee_ for @zaharamodels

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