Chatting with Designer Mimi Habibah of Maison Mimi

During the busy 3-day Art Night Out event in Abuja, we got the chance to chat with Mimi Habibah of Maison Mimi post the brand’s presentation. We love the effortlessness of the Maison Mimi garments which attracted many onlookers, style lovers and potential clients at the exhibition. What makes Maison Mimi stand out? How did the brand come about? And who buys from the Nigerian womenswear brand? Mimi takes gives a glimpse into the brand. Click here if you missed their previous collection.
When did you begin your brand and how?
We started in 2013 as an idea to create ready-to-wear garments at an affordable rate for my local market and operations commenced in 2014 at Lagos Fashion & Design Week.
Mimi Habibah

Who is your target market?

The modern woman, of any age and any working class. if she wants to feel modern and powerful, then she’s my woman!
What are you doing different from your competition?
I provide high street luxury garments at affordable princes, my strengths are fit-finishing-delivery. My brand feature on using only locally sourced fabric gives mean edge over not only my competition but also the dominant brand in my market.
What role does social media and technology at large play in your business?
A pretty dominant role – increased consumer interaction is what built my business to this level, and it;’s one feature i won’t let go off too soon.
Do you intend to enter the menswear market anytime soon?
Maybe, maybe not. I’ve had requests from friends and my female clients for the men in their lives – but it’s a different ball game from Womenswear.
What’s next for your brand? Where do you see it in 5 years time?
Conquering the African and global marketplace.


Why was Art Night Out a great forum to showcase your brand?
Informative during the discussion panel, Innovative for our local market and Interesting in terms of networking.
Did you miss our Art Night Art event, don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with the photos (Click here). 

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