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How to Use these 7 Amazing Mobile Apps to Massively Improve African Businesses

Apps are the way forward if you want to work from anywhere and at any time. Taking advantage of the numerous tools and business-friendly apps can truly transform and change the way you operate your business in many ways. From working freely from any location at any given time, increasing productivity, getting your staff to work in sync, improving your profitability to simplifying the way your customers reach you and make payments. We have certainly seen our business grow since its online launch thanks to some of these apps.


We have listed 7 mobile apps African businesses need to use to grow their businesses.

1. Slack

Slack  brings all your communication together in one place. It is a small business collaboration and real-time messaging tool that has gained enormous popularity around the world over the past few months.

Slack is worth $1bn and it is well-liked because it has indeed changed the way we work. It is ideal for small businesses and it is also used by some of the most progressive companies in the world including AirBnB, BuzzFeed, ebay, HBO, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and DowJones. It allows companies to create various communication channels within their businesses for marketing, sales or operations, and to use these channels to effectively communicate with their teams, or even suppliers and partner businesses. The app is quote easy to use. You can check out the help page for help or some tutorials on You tube. Slack makes all communications easily searchable, and channels include messages, file and comment sharing, and image and video sharing. You can even integrate your Twitter, Dropbox and Google Drive to the app.

2. MS Office 365

We recommend MS Office 365  ideally African entrepreneurs. It allows access for up to five users via PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone, you get up to 1TB of cloud data storage, 60 minutes of Skype calls per month and access all your trusted programmes including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. This will make it easy to have a digital office and make sure that you and your team are on the same page and monitor their works across the various programmes.

3. Pastel

Need some accounting help? Pastel My Business Online is brilliant for that.

Pastel My Business Online is a full online and integrated accounting application that is loved by small businesses and start-ups the world over. Easy to use and helps you to be hands-on with your business.

It offers dashboards, graphs and drill-downs to any transaction to give you and your accountant an overview of your business finances at any time via the Internet or via your smartphone. You can also track customer sales history and supplier purchases, you can upload bank statement to help you manage your banking and cash flow, or process quotes and send directly to customers.

The system allows you to search for and contact your clients directly from your smartphone and contains map links that can help you find your way to your customers’ offices — it really is built for business people on the go.

4. iKhokha

iKhokha is a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) system. When you join iKhokha as a merchant, you will get The Edge, a tiny, compact card reader that plugs into your Apple or Android smartphone. Once you’ve made a sale, your customer can swipe his or her debit or credit card, input their PIN safely and securely and pay for your product right there on the spot.

5. SnapScan

SnapScan is a popular South African mobile payment system that is powered by Standard Bank. It is free to download and use. SnapScan can be used with any MasterCard and VISA credit or cheque card, as well as selected debit cards, issued by any bank in South Africa.

The good thing is that It allows your customers to pay for your goods and services via their mobile phones by simply taking a photo of your SnapScan QR code or punching in the amount they need to pay. The customer is freed from paying with cash or card, and once the transaction is made, they’ll be notified either via SMS or their PoS system that the transaction was successful.

6. WeChat

WeChat is another mobile instant messaging (MIM) service that we think African businesses should have. With WeChat you can set up Official Accounts for users to share marketing content, highlight promotions and connect with fans of their brand.

The app supports text and video chat, video calling, photo or video and location sharing, and allows users to broadcast messages to wide audiences or send smaller group messages. Wechat is also useful because you can use it to build the company’s mini website.

7. GetApp

GetApp is home to a wide selection of reviews, previews, comparisons and industry articles on more than 3 000 business apps and helps you find the app that’s best suited to your business through its business app search function.


We want to know which mobile apps you are already using to increase the productivity in your work. Hit the comment button to recommend more apps for African businesses.

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Nadrey Laurent Releases New Collection – Colors of Earth

Formerly known as Totally Ethnik, let’s welcome the rebranded version Nadrey Laurent.

NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1)


The press release to announce the new brand name, Nadrey Laurent, tells us that this a story of evolution – “A More Personal Meaning, A Stronger Identity”.

Nadrey in Bété (a language in Cote D’Ivoire) means My heart, My love while Laurent is means My Father, My Strength, and My Pride. The new branding is inspired by a much more authentic and personal element. The designer claims it’s by the bold, serene and always elegant, father, “Nadrey Laurent”.

What are we expecting then from Nadrey Laurent?

The brand claims it is propelled to dream bigger, push further, achieve greater. Nadrey Laurent is therefore an invitation to an effortlessly chic yet undeniably refined lifestyle.


Take a seat…


For Nadrey Laurent’s latest collection, Colors of the Earth, the brands heads towards a more unique personality.

“Colors of the Earth” collection revolutionizes Nadrey Laurent’s mission to create apparels with appealing inspiration that convey Elegance, Luxury and Essence” says Marie Kipre, the CEO.

The Spring Summer 2017 collection shows warmth and beauty through colorful prints, orchid appliqués, sequins and other embellishments.

Colors of the Earth resonates from a background of rich and saturated earthy colors of brown, orange, mustard and desert sand expressed in original African fabrics such as batik, faso dan fani mixed with crepe, lace, satin and knit fabric.

Let’s have a look at the full collection below:

NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1)

NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1) NADREYLAURENT-ColorsoftheEarth-TheGlowingColours-July2017 (1)

What do you think of this collection? We think it’s brilliant.

We would like to know your thoughts below.

The brand currently stocks shops in Paris, Geneva, Accra, Lagos, Abidjan, and Kigali and have participated in key fashion shows in Belgium, France, Ghana and Nigeria.

For further information and features, kindly contact our PR Manager, Faith Senam Ocloo on +233 261837136 or email or


Facebook: Nadrey Laurent

Twitter: @nadreylaurent

Instagram: @nadreylaurent   

Shop:  24 Jungle Avenue, East Legon-Accra 


Designer: Marie Kipre

Models : Naadei, Kenza & Nii Otoo

MUA: Makeup by Asare

Photography: KlassyFilms

Stylist: Sarah Ferdjani

Accessories: Odara, Muggs Jewellery

Directed by: Mareep Production 

Our Top 7 African Podcasts for Millennials

These are the African Podcasts you should really be listening to.

When was the last time you turned on your radio in your house or car to listen to a particular music? Like most of you, it’s really hard to remember. Rightfully because the traditional radio is slowly going our of style. Podcasts on the other hand are becoming increasingly popular.

Podcasts are essentially downloadable audio series released on intervals. Let’s just say it’s sort of like a radio program that is portable and gives you the ability to download. These range from interview podcasts, sports podcasts, comedy podcasts, news podcasts, repackaged radio show podcasts.

In the digital age, having a podcast makes it easy for the speaker to connect to their audience at any given time. Some of the podcast i’m inclined to listen to are mostly on inspiring thoughts, educational content, business information and entertainment. Myleek Teele’s podcast is one of my favourites.

If you’re African and looking for an Afro-centric audio content to listen. We couldn’t wish for a better selection of African podcasts. From music, poetry, business and genuine humour, African millennials are proving to be versatile across the board.

Here are 7 African podcasts we are subscribing to this season:

1. The Mostly Lit Podcast by Reckless Rai, Derek Wiltshire and Alex Reads

The Mostly Lit Podcast is hosted by a diverse trio who met on social media. It has become one of iTunes ‘Best of 2016’ podcasts, introducing many guests and literary topics to its growing audience. The hosts of this podcast are Derek Wiltshire who had never read a book cover to cover until the age of 23. Rai an East Londoner hailing from East Africa with interests in post-colonial literature, Jane Austen and philosophy. Alex Reads is a reader and writer from London, and a professional journalist working in the media.

The Mostly Lit podcast hopes to reach people who are as interested in books. This could be pop culture, wellbeing, career and strategy. Most of all, they want to make reading ‘cool’ again.’ They share their journey to keep up with the London experience, while exploring the intersection of literature, millennial wellness and black pop-culture.


Listen to the podcast here: The Mostly Lit Podcast


2.The “I Am Afripreneur” Show by Chiamaka Chuke-Okafor

“I Am Afripreneur” brings refreshing interviews of African entrepreneurs from different sectors to share their journey. If you’re looking to set up a business, this podcast might give you a good insight of what it’s like out in there.

African millennials seeking for inspiration can catch some here:


3. Badilisha Poetry X-Change

If you’re woke and i mean literally woke, this site will give you so much life and more. Similar to Mostly Lit, Badilisha Poetry X-Change is not your ordinary poetry site. It’s an online audio resource of Pan-African poetry. It’s the largest platform that holds a huge collection of African poets on the planets. It currently houses over 500 Pan-African poets from 28 different countries.

Listen to Badilisha on iTunes and visit their site


4. Afropop Worldwide

If you’re already tired of Spotify and iTunes, this podcast highlights music and stories from the African diaspora all over the world. Mostly relevant for music lovers, Georges Collinet hosted podcast cast a light on Afropop. It also delves into storytelling – some episodes explore some historic black-owned record labels in the USA, music festivals and spread of Afropop as a genre.

Listen to Afropop Worldwide via their official website


5. My Africa

Still on music, “My Africa,”is more Nigeria-centric and is fast becoming a go-to spot of personal interviews of the continent’s biggest musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others. Nigerian musicians such as Brymo, M.I, Olamide and Seun Kuti have starred in the Nigerian podcast. Other interviews have seen guests like Ghanaian singer and actress Efya, restaurateur Hamisha Daryani-Ahuja, and even Keith Richards, who the show confined the title of “honorary Nigerian.”

Listen to My Africa via their official website and iTunes


6. The African Tech Round Up

The Africa Tech Round Up covers mainly technology topics and covers it quite in depth. If you’re a techie and seeking to build a career in technology, the podcast is the right place for you. Technology, digital and innovation are their key focus and the podcast provides real life insight not just your typical washed reviews.

They currently produce 3 African podcasts:

  1. African Tech Round-up
  2. African Tech Conversations
  3. Quick (Tech) Chats

The African Tech Round-up podcast delivers all the week’s technology, digital and innovation highlights from across the African continent and beyond, while the African Tech Conversations podcast features relaxed in-depth chats with leading entrepreneurs, innovators and thought-leaders who are intimately involved in Africa’s Information & Communications Technology scene. The latter include individuals from FIS, Microsoft, SAP Africa, iROKO, TRACE, Barclays Africa to name a few.

Check out the Africa Tech Round Up podcasts here:


7. Not Your African Cliché

Nigerian women come together to create a podcast? You know it must be lit and hilarious. They describe Not Your African Cliché as an “interesting opinions and a mutual disgust for ignorant comments about our continent.” The ladies are in their 20s and their using this platform to ensure that the world doesn’t have just one view of Africa. They explore work, life in general, friendship and fashion. So good to see women fighting against the African Single Story “rather than letting disney channel and Nat Geo Wild do it”.


Check out the ladies of NYAC on their soundcloud page

Are there other African podcasts you’re listening to? and would like to recommend? Add it in the comment below.

Nsaata Africa is the Winner of Cointreau Creative Competition Finale

Nsaata Africa is the winner of Cointreau Creative Crew competition! Back in April 2016, Cointreau launched the Cointreau Creative Crew- a philanthropic programme which promotes creative freedom. The initiative was well-received by creative entrepreneurs and 10 finalists were selected.

The finale event of the Cointreau Creative Crew programme was held Last Sunday. Finalists were all given the opportunity pitch their business plan to the judges who included; Betty Irabor (Creative curator of the Cointreau creative crew and founder of Genevieve magazine), Barbara Lawrence (CEO of Insolitus Nigeria Ltd., Leadership through personal accountability), Bidemi Zakariyau (Founder LSF|PR) and Xavier Carbonel (Country Manager for Remy Cointreau). Also in attendance were the committee members, Eku Edewor, Denrele Sonariwo and Afua Osei.

Nsaata Africa emerged as winner of he €20,000 Cointreau Creative Crew grant after an impressive presentation and solid business plan.


The Cointreau Creative Crew remains committed to help inspire, encourage and support young men and women advance in their chosen career fields through their willingness to create and explore new avenues of self-expression.

What You Need to Know About Nsaata Africa

Nsaata Africa, (Founded by Chimsom Akah) is a bespoke shoemaking business, providing men, women and children in Africa and beyond, handmade footwear at affordable prices. Sourcing materials from Ghana, Kenya and Cameroun, the business was born out of the need to help individuals who cannot find their shoe sizes in retail shops. Majority of people with these problems include; men and women with big feet and really long toes.

Nsaata Africa in addition utilizes local artisans and resources to construct the perfect pair of shoes for its clients, thereby promoting the sustainable development of local communities and the nation at large. Culture and heritage are a huge part of Nsaata Africa, and it aims to incorporate this into every one of its products, whether it is by utilizing African fabrics beads and craftwork in its designs or African names for its product codes.


Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica  Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica  Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica Cointreau-TheGlowingColours-NsaataAfrica

Former Sky News Presenter Marverine Cole Starts Podcast for BAME Women

How and where can you possibly hear the unfiltered stories of BAME women (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic)? Former journalist and Sky News presenter Marverine Cole is starting a podcast dedicated to women of colour. After 25 years in the game, the veteran journalist understands what it means to be a minority and is bringing the voices of these women to her new platform to share their stories.

MarvineCole-Podcast-TheGlowingColours-January2017Born and bred in England’s second biggest city of Birmingham, Marverine’s been described as one of the most experienced black British female broadcasters when it comes to the arena of live television: having clocked up well over 3,500 hours of on-air time in a variety of roles, including presenting talks shows for BBC Radio, and solo-anchoring the 5-hour ‘World News and Business Report’ programme on Sky News. Throughout her long-standing media career, Marverine has witnessed how much the voices and opinions of black British women and women of colour are excluded from mainstream media in the UK.

“We are rarely allowed a ‘seat at the table’ to share our views about politics, news and current affairs, to tell our stories in a wider forum. To be unapologetically black. If we’re talking about sport, music, we get a pass. If you’re a black American woman, you get a pass. But this doesn’t go far enough. What about the academics, the scientists, the GPs, the entrepreneurial Mums who are black? They can contribute to mainstream conversations as much as anyone else, but they, we are excluded. There’s a huge swathe of smart, funny women of colour, who are experts in their field or who are making an impact in their local communities, but whose stories very rarely get a platform.  So for me – not only is Quintessential Voices a podcast for anyone and everyone interested in enjoying the aural experience of hearing fascinating female voices – I consider it my personal love letter to British women of colour” – Marverine Cole.

Marverine bills “Quintessential Voices” podcast as Britain’s biggest conversation celebrating women of colour. The podcast will be sat as one-on-one interviews and round table conversations. Marverine will be hosting famous and successful BAME women such as Singer Laura Mvula and Eastenders actress Tameka Epson. The podcast will feature entertainers, motivational speakers. Each one delving in discussions around anxiety and depression, being LGBTQ, homelessness, how to become a politician, creative writing and the beauty market.

Click here to visit Marverine’s podcast site.

Will you be listening?

8 Things You Need to Know About Africa’s Youngest Billionaire Mohammed Dewji

If you thought Ashish Thakkar was the only one on the Africa’s young billionaires list, you’ve got to meet Mohammed Dewji.

Mohammed Dewji is the third generation of a family of successful Tanzanian entrepreneurs of Indian origin. He runs his family-owned trading company MeTL, founded by Mohammed’s father, Gulamabbas Dewji. MeTL started as a soft commodities trader and now manufactures and distributes 21 different categories of foods and goods. The company growth has been completely organic without the need for external financing or foreign ownership. It has an extensive national footprint, supported by a logistics and distribution network that spans the whole country.

Over the past decade, as CEO he has grown his family’s business from a national trading house to a multi-billion-dollar, multinational conglomerate, generating a $2 billion fortune for himself in the process. The firm targets to generate $5 billion by 2020 and employ 100,000 people across Africa. MeTL currently employs 28,000 people and is one of Tanzania’s biggest employers.


Here are 8 things you need to know about the Tanzanian billionaire.

  1. Mohammed Dewji is the CEO of METL, a Tanzanian conglomerate founded by his father in the 1970s.
  2. He is Tanzania’s only billionaire.
  3. When he took over the family-run Tanzanian trading company MeTL, it had annual revenues of $26 million. Now Tanzania’s largest indigenous conglomerate has sales in excess of $1.5 billion under Mohammed.
  4. Dewji graduated from Georgetown university in Washington with a Bachelors in International Business and Finance and a minor in Theology.
  5. Dewji was a Member of Parliament from 2005 – 2015 for his home town of Singida. He retired from Tanzania’s parliament in early 2015 after completing his two terms.
  6. His Mo Dewji Foundation provides scholarships for poor Tanzanian children. He signed the Giving Pledge with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in 2016, promising to donate at least half his fortune to philanthropic causes.
  7. Dewji is on Forbes list as #17 Africa’s Billionaires 2017.
  8. He believes that diversification and unique distribution capabilities are the keys to his company’s success.

Nigerian Mens Fashion: This Season’s Most Beautiful Collection by Russell Solomon

This might be the best Nigerian mens fashion collection we’ve seen this year! Russell Solomon brand is a new name to us but we’re already loving everything about the. The Nigeria-based mens style house comes a a new urban Nigerian menswear cult brand that mixes street, urban and formal wear sensibilities to come up with its own interpretation of a contemporary menswear staples. ‘It’s a cool brand made for cool kids’ says menswear stylist turned designer – Gabriel Solomon (Read this urban definition of cool kid for a laugh)We can’t agree more with Gabriel. This collection does bring an air of freshness to these fashion streets.
In terms of the process behind the collection, Gabriel’s creative process was influenced by his experience in dressing Nigerian pop-culture royalties such as Don Jazzy, Banky W and inspirational rapper Jesse Jagz.
The Fall17 Skin Collection features Italian linen, nylon, polished cotton and soft wool, with detailed hand knitted embroidery to attempt a creation of sorts inspired by the likeness of God’s own greatest creations. The concept of deity is referenced as inspiration of the collection. The designer explores dynamism of the human nature and of God’s own multi-dimensional creation. Accents of traditional Nigerian tie-dye fabrics are used across the collection, re-worked coats, onesies and trenches are hard to miss.
It’s interesting that the designer combines different fabrics in this collection which make sense and fit brilliantly together as seen in the collection. It would have been odd to imagine what the mixture would have been but this turns out really well. In general, Nigerian mens fashion is coming to a point in which it’s taking a center stage in the Nigerian fashion market as a whole. We’re looking forward to seeing more designers taking bold steps in their collection like Russell Solomon.
If you intend to be admitted to the school of cool kids, we suggest buying a Nigerian brand and most especially a Russell Solomon piece. Have a look!


russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016  russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016  russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016
russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016-35 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016-24 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016-27 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016-28 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016-30 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016-31 russellsolomon-menswear-fashion-theglowingcolours-december2016-33 Photo Credit: The PR Boy

Art Openings: Daniele Tamagni and James Barnor at October Gallery London

If you’re in London, make sure you don’t miss this exhibition of Daniele Tamagni and James Barnor at October Gallery London.

Gentlemen-Bacongo-Congo-Sapeurs-danieletamagni-TheGlowingColours This time the London-based gallery is presenting a two person exhibition displaying work by pioneering Ghanaian photographer James Barnor and award winning Italian photographer Daniele Tamagni. Barnor’s analogue photographs of London’s growing multicultural metropolis during the ‘swinging 60s’ and Ghana spanning from the 50s to the 70s, feature with new works of striking fashion subcultures throughout contemporary Africa by Tamagni. This exhibition follows the 2015 publication of the book ‘Ever Young’ by James Barnor and the recent book launch of ‘Fashion Tribes’ by Daniele Tamagni.

If you love the story of the uber cool Les Sapeurs of Congo, then this exhibition is for you. The Private View of Daniele Tamagni & James Barnor will take place on Wednesday 7th September, 6 pm – 8.30 pm. However, the exhibition will be opened at 7.15 pm  by Brett Rogers OBE, Director of The Photographers’ Gallery, in the presence of the artists.

Just to give a bit of context on Daniele Tamagni. He is an Italian photographer, trained as an art historian before travelling worldwide to document colourful fashion subcultures. In 2007, he won the Canon Young Photographer Award with a project about the Congolese dandies, Sapeurs of Brazzaville, and in 2010 won the ICP Infinity Award, fashion category.

Gentlemen-Bacongo-Congo-Sapeurs-danieletamagni (13)

James Barnor was born in Accra, Ghana in 1929, began, like many of his contemporaries on the continent, by setting up a studio which was visited by the general public as well as dignitaries. He developed his career rapidly, by working for the Daily Graphic, as their first photojournalist, and Drum magazine, the influential anti-apartheid journal for lifestyle and politics.

This will be an interesting and educative exhibition. We can’t wait to check it out on the opening night. If you do get to visit the exhibition. Hashtag us #TheGlowingColours

Event: Gallery Talk: Daniele Tamagni and James Barnor. Saturday, 10th September, 2016.

Time: 3.00 pm at October Gallery. Entry Free.


What We Learnt From Art Night Out II Abuja + Photos

Art Night Out II was the second edition of an event that was born out of the desire to make a difference and create awareness of creative entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Initiated by The and Thought Pyramid Art Centre Abuja, the event has now become a platform where business savvy, art enthusiasts and fashion lovers meet up.

The second edition was a success. We were blown away by the musical performance of the Nigerian Tenors held at Thought Pyramid Art Centre Abuja which was also the venue of Art Night Out II. We were not only amazed by the turn out of the three-day event but the guests showed up and showed out in their sophisticated outfits.

The 4 participating designers, YVK Design, Maison Mimi, Exquisite and Pink Fleur took us into their world by showcasing some of their latest collections and telling the inspiration behind them. However, the highlight of the event was the Q&A session held between the designers and the public whereby they got to truly inform the guests of their brand, their business strategy, the role of technology, business issues and the creative industry at large in Nigeria. It was such an interesting and educative session as the designers also used the platform to discover other market opportunities.

Indeed this event was not just an fun fair, it was inspiring and yet informative. OJD design, an upcoming fashion brand also got the chance to showcase their wears. Owned and run by two young Nigerian designers, by explaining the challenges they were currently facing as young designers such as vendor relationship and stocking their designs in retail stores at unaffordable rates. As the public cheered them for their courage, they received offers to stock their pieces in stores by two guests of the event.

The event also had the honour to host Mimi, a stylist who took the platform to discuss style in Nigeria and the role of a stylist. Also we got the chance to look at the games created by the talented Kingsley, who wooed the guests with his board games. The spoken word performance as well as other cultural display got us all talking.

Art Night Out II was just three eventful days which were an absolute success. The ultimate lesson we learnt was to use every platform, no matter how small it is to scale and build your brand as well as inspire your generation.

Check out the photos from the gallery below:





Nkiruka Okorokwo


Mrs Moji Makanjuola

ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid  ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid

Nigerian Tenors


ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOut-Edition2-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria (18) ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid

Buffy Ojiudu



Anita Ajueshi, Lily Okorokwo, Nkiruka Okorokwo
Mimi Habibah

ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramidArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramidArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid

Mimi Habibah & Lily Okorokwo
Mimi Habibah & Lily Okorokwo
Pink Fleur
OJD, Pink Fleur, YVK Design, Exquisite

ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid

Amirah Waziri

ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramidArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid

Mimi Habibah


Ahlam (Exquisite Nigeria)
Ahlam (Exquisite Nigeria)
Mimi Habibah

ArtNightOut-Edition2-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria(104) ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid

Tayo Odunsi, Lily Okorokwo, Jeff Ajueshi

ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid

Pac Center Abuja



Mimi Habibah, Lily Okorokwo, Richard Akuson,
Sor Sen


Zainab (Pink Fleur)
Thought Pyramid Art Centre

ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid ArtNightOutII-2016-AfricanArt-Abuja-Nigeria-TheGlowingColours-ThoughtPyramid


Aisha (YVK Design)


We acknowledge all the media outlets that featured the event and also came by. We also thank the partners of the event such as Spice Platter, Dauno Global Concept and Pac Center Abuja who contributed to its success.

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