Apply for this grant and take a step towards achieving your dreams!

How ambitious, avant-garde and authentic are you? Dare: How innovative and driven are you? Create: The quality of your presentation and the quantity of elements created to make your dreams come true. The program is open to all creatives who have a dream they want to materialise: whether it’s launching a clothing line, opening your own restaurant, or becoming a professional photographer or filmmaker.

Remember when Betty Irabor of Genevieve magazine and other Nigerian fashion industry members launched The ‘Dream, Dare, Create’ initiative? Click here if you missed it. The Funding grant initiative was inspired by the work of Louisa Cointreau, wife of the founder of the Cointreau brand Edouard Cointreau, well known for her tireless feminism.

The initiative which will see one Nigerian entrepreneur awarded 20,000 to support a creative project is now receiving applications. Nigerian creatives from any field – Cointreau mentions cocktails, food, art, music, design and film – are invited to apply for the grant.

Following the successful launch of the global philanthropic programme Cointreau Creative Crew in Nigeria in April 2016, CCC aims to use this initiative to promote promote the development of women’s creative freedom and expression as well as encourage women to work towards taking their initial dream and turning into a tangible creative reality.

The lucky entrepreneur will win a prize of  €20,000 as a means of support towards their creative project.

The grant is not only limited to women, men are also encouraged to apply.

We dare you to apply and dare you to dream. Tell a friend and share to someone who is looking for funding to advance in their business plan.

Here is how you can apply below:

To apply click here

All applicants must be over 23 and resident in Nigeria.

Don’t forget to use the following hashtags –> #CointreauCreativeCrewNG #WillYouDare #DareDreamCreate

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