New Ghanaian Fashion Brand “Aku+Vi” is Unapologetically Celebrating Women

In times where women empowerment and sisterhood celebration is at their peak, Aku+Vi brand launches a brand that brings it all into perspective.

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The press release states that Aku+Vi stands for “the vivacious and empowered young sister and friend every modern woman needs.” Launched on Tuesday at the very quirky Untamed Empire Concept Store in Ridge, Accra, which houses 1981, Ann Milinery, Bello Edu, Caven Etomi, Totally Ethink to name a few. The fashion label derived its name “Aku” from a girl born on Wednesday, originated from the “ewe” tribe in Ghana, and Vi to mean Vibrant; thus Aku+Vi comes to reveal a true reflection of our own uniqueness and self-awareness.

The founder Nana K. Brenu, happens to be the designer behind luxury brand 1981. The new sister brand Aku+Vi has been launched to celebrate sisterhood and contemporary life. The ideal client is a girl that is woke i.e conscious of her surroundings and in touch with her heritage through her silhouettes, sense of style and enthusiasm. Nana K. Brenu comments that “Aku+Vi garments are youthful, on trend and have feminine silhouettes that are not too girly at affordable prices”. He adds that the rationale behind the new brand is “Every woman needs a sister and Aku+Vi is that sister who is in to celebrate and share in the beautiful experiences of life”.


Debut Collection

The Aku+Vi debut collection channels Modern Renaissance. Modern Renaissance collection was inspired by the need to see the “Aku+Vi” girl rediscovering who she is and proud of what she discovers while taking on the world

The launch sees a presentation of 9 models, each dunning a piece of the collection. They are seen through the “Imagination TV” concept from the Beast of No Nation Movie, playing with the imagination of the viewers who can only wish to wear the beautiful pieces.

Aku+Vi is a fun, trendy and easy to wear brand with bold, graphic and batik prints, but with fine details, to match the taste of the vivacious modern girl.

Have a look at our fave shots from the event and don’t forget to place your orders. The brand contact is below.

Aku+Vi-Ghana-April-2017-TheGlowingColours (1) Aku+Vi-Ghana-April-2017-TheGlowingColours (1)  Aku+Vi-Ghana-April-2017-TheGlowingColours (1)

For further information, kindly contact +233 208530011 or email

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