Our Top 7 African Podcasts for Millennials

These are the African Podcasts you should really be listening to.

When was the last time you turned on your radio in your house or car to listen to a particular music? Like most of you, it’s really hard to remember. Rightfully because the traditional radio is slowly going our of style. Podcasts on the other hand are becoming increasingly popular.

Podcasts are essentially downloadable audio series released on intervals. Let’s just say it’s sort of like a radio program that is portable and gives you the ability to download. These range from interview podcasts, sports podcasts, comedy podcasts, news podcasts, repackaged radio show podcasts.

In the digital age, having a podcast makes it easy for the speaker to connect to their audience at any given time. Some of the podcast i’m inclined to listen to are mostly on inspiring thoughts, educational content, business information and entertainment. Myleek Teele’s podcast is one of my favourites.

If you’re African and looking for an Afro-centric audio content to listen. We couldn’t wish for a better selection of African podcasts. From music, poetry, business and genuine humour, African millennials are proving to be versatile across the board.

Here are 7 African podcasts we are subscribing to this season:

1. The Mostly Lit Podcast by Reckless Rai, Derek Wiltshire and Alex Reads

The Mostly Lit Podcast is hosted by a diverse trio who met on social media. It has become one of iTunes ‘Best of 2016’ podcasts, introducing many guests and literary topics to its growing audience. The hosts of this podcast are Derek Wiltshire who had never read a book cover to cover until the age of 23. Rai an East Londoner hailing from East Africa with interests in post-colonial literature, Jane Austen and philosophy. Alex Reads is a reader and writer from London, and a professional journalist working in the media.

The Mostly Lit podcast hopes to reach people who are as interested in books. This could be pop culture, wellbeing, career and strategy. Most of all, they want to make reading ‘cool’ again.’ They share their journey to keep up with the London experience, while exploring the intersection of literature, millennial wellness and black pop-culture.


Listen to the podcast here: The Mostly Lit Podcast


2.The “I Am Afripreneur” Show by Chiamaka Chuke-Okafor

“I Am Afripreneur” brings refreshing interviews of African entrepreneurs from different sectors to share their journey. If you’re looking to set up a business, this podcast might give you a good insight of what it’s like out in there.

African millennials seeking for inspiration can catch some here: http://www.iamafripreneur.com/


3. Badilisha Poetry X-Change

If you’re woke and i mean literally woke, this site will give you so much life and more. Similar to Mostly Lit, Badilisha Poetry X-Change is not your ordinary poetry site. It’s an online audio resource of Pan-African poetry. It’s the largest platform that holds a huge collection of African poets on the planets. It currently houses over 500 Pan-African poets from 28 different countries.

Listen to Badilisha on iTunes and visit their site http://badilishapoetry.com/


4. Afropop Worldwide

If you’re already tired of Spotify and iTunes, this podcast highlights music and stories from the African diaspora all over the world. Mostly relevant for music lovers, Georges Collinet hosted podcast cast a light on Afropop. It also delves into storytelling – some episodes explore some historic black-owned record labels in the USA, music festivals and spread of Afropop as a genre.

Listen to Afropop Worldwide via their official website


5. My Africa

Still on music, “My Africa,”is more Nigeria-centric and is fast becoming a go-to spot of personal interviews of the continent’s biggest musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others. Nigerian musicians such as Brymo, M.I, Olamide and Seun Kuti have starred in the Nigerian podcast. Other interviews have seen guests like Ghanaian singer and actress Efya, restaurateur Hamisha Daryani-Ahuja, and even Keith Richards, who the show confined the title of “honorary Nigerian.”

Listen to My Africa via their official website and iTunes


6. The African Tech Round Up

The Africa Tech Round Up covers mainly technology topics and covers it quite in depth. If you’re a techie and seeking to build a career in technology, the podcast is the right place for you. Technology, digital and innovation are their key focus and the podcast provides real life insight not just your typical washed reviews.

They currently produce 3 African podcasts:

  1. African Tech Round-up
  2. African Tech Conversations
  3. Quick (Tech) Chats

The African Tech Round-up podcast delivers all the week’s technology, digital and innovation highlights from across the African continent and beyond, while the African Tech Conversations podcast features relaxed in-depth chats with leading entrepreneurs, innovators and thought-leaders who are intimately involved in Africa’s Information & Communications Technology scene. The latter include individuals from FIS, Microsoft, SAP Africa, iROKO, TRACE, Barclays Africa to name a few.

Check out the Africa Tech Round Up podcasts here: http://www.africantechroundup.com/


7. Not Your African Cliché

Nigerian women come together to create a podcast? You know it must be lit and hilarious. They describe Not Your African Cliché as an “interesting opinions and a mutual disgust for ignorant comments about our continent.” The ladies are in their 20s and their using this platform to ensure that the world doesn’t have just one view of Africa. They explore work, life in general, friendship and fashion. So good to see women fighting against the African Single Story “rather than letting disney channel and Nat Geo Wild do it”.


Check out the ladies of NYAC on their soundcloud page

Are there other African podcasts you’re listening to? and would like to recommend? Add it in the comment below.

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