African Blogger Killing It! Get To Know Style Blogger Sarah Enuwa Audu

Dressing up for holiday affairs takes some thought for most people — but if you happen to be one of the fashion industry’s flyest bloggers, it’s nothing but an easy task.

Still confused about what to wear during the holidays, fab style blogger Sarah Audu drops some major hints on how to get through the style season cute and beautiful. For those that follow our instagram page (@theglowingcolours), you’ll notice our obsession for all things African style and fashion industry. You’ll discover our love for African style bloggers. Just check out the hashtag #AfricanBloggersKillingIt to witness the fashion fair going on there.

While browsing through our favourite social media feeds we discovered the amazing style of Sarah Enuwa Audu. Without further ado we had to connect with her to drop some of her style secrets with us.

Check out our style talk with the very stylish Princess Audu. Find out what motivates her to blog, how she connects with her readers and the fashion items she things will come back in vogue in 2016.

Enjoy 😉

Name:  Sarah Enuwa Audu

Where are you from?

I am from Benue State Nigeria

Url: | Facebook/ Instagram

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Would you tell us a bit about yourself and your love for fashion?

SARAH AUDU: I never really know how to answer that question but I am a corper currently stationed in Calabar. I love God, talking, shoes and of course food. As for my love of fashion I love being able to express myself through what I wear.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: What inspired “Princess Audu”?

SARAH AUDU: I remember stumbling upon one of my favorite blogs and thinking to myself I can do this too. Plus there was the fact that I shopped way too much and felt like I needed a reason to justify it.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: How long has it been running?

SARAH AUDU: My blog marked its second year anniversary in November this year.


With so many style bloggers on the blog sphere, what makes your blog stand out?

SARAH AUDU: To be honest it’s not always easy to stand out especially with so many blogs out there but I try to be as honest with my followers by putting myself out there. Basically, I just try to be myself.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: What strikes us most is the way your readers follow you religiously through your journey and move back home, could you share a bit of how you created this online “relationship” with your readers?

SARAH AUDU: As I mentioned in the last question, I like to talk about other things outside fashion. I share my views on the issues to create a dialogue between me and my readers.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Has your style evolved since starting you’re your blog? If yes how?

SARAH AUDU: Yes definitely, I would say it has become more polished and mature. I have also learnt how to recycle pieces as I have cut down on my old shopping habit.


THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: We’re a bit nervous about keeping a strong style game over the holidays. Could you suggest cute looks we should have ready to wear the season?

SARAH AUDU: You can’t go wrong with a red dress; it is perfect for the celebrations and can be restyled for other occasions. Also don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle with sequins, you can try something like a sequin crop top with either a pair of high-waist jeans or a midi-skirt.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Which colour should we have on to make us stand out amongst our friends to look fabulous?

SARAH AUDU: Color? I’d say colors. Color blocking is a great way to stand out and stay trendy.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Which fashion outlets do you think we can find some last minute stylish gifts for friends and family in your city?

SARAH AUDU: I recommend TNL Designs for your dresses and shoes while Jumia Nigeria has a wide selection of items


THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Lisa Folawiyo Vs Eku Edewor?

SARAH AUDU: Lisa Folawiyo

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Nigerian fashion industry keeps evolving and growing, how would you describe style in Nigeria and what’s your opinion on the state of the industry.

SARAH AUDU: I love that there is more variety out there. Nigerians are now embracing more international trends. It’s also great seeing more Nigerians rocking designs from our very own Designers but there is always room for improvement.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Which up and coming designers are currently on your radar?

SARAH AUDU: I have my eye on Eve and Tribe and TNL Designs.


THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Which African fashion brand would you love to work with?

SARAH AUDU: I’d love to work with TNL Designs

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Which trends are you most excited about to see the next season?

SARAH AUDU: I’d like to see culottes, bell bottoms and khaki still in style next season.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Name 3 international bloggers that are on your “most stylish” list?

SARAH AUDU: Wendy’s Lookbook, Freddie Harrel and The Daileigh


THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Who was your favorite celeb this year, why and which look was your favorite?

SARAH AUDU: Lupita Nyongo, it’s so hard to pick a favorite because she slays in everything.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: Name 3 female fashion bloggers and 3 male fashion bloggers that you think are #AfricanbloggersKillingit.

SARAH AUDU: For the female bloggers, Jadore-Fashion, Ranti In Review and This Is Ess while for the male bloggers I’d have to say Akin Faminu, Steven Onoja and Noble Igwe.  The list is endless though.

THE GLOWINGCOLOURS: 2015 has been an interesting year for all, who has inspires you the most this year?

SARAH AUDU: What inspires me to keep blogging is my readers. The love and support they show is definitely motivating.

Sarah-Audu-Style-blogger-interview-TheGlowingColours Sarah-Audu-Style-blogger-interview-TheGlowingColours Sarah-Audu-Style-blogger-interview-TheGlowingColours

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