5 Promising Nigerian Artists to Watch Out for at Rele Gallery’s Young Contemporaries 2017

These 5 promising Nigerian artists will be rolling out their exhibition this Sunday at Rele Gallery over the weekend. Here’s what you need to know about Young Contemporaries.

Lagos-based art gallery Rele established Young Contemporaries as an artistic initiative that identifies, promotes and, mentors young visual artists; giving them the tools to succeed critically and commercially in the global art marketplace. The Rele Arts Foundation (RAF) announced this year’s edition with a selection of young Nigerian artists to watch out for.

These five bright, and promising young artists use diverse techniques and skills to produce art through different mediums. The themes they have work on this year are feminism, cultural and self identity, racial boundaries, and duality of human nature. The resulting exhibition is an indication of a younger generation contributing their artistic voice to societal issues.


Meet the artists and look out for profiles of individual artists over the coming days:

Rewa, 29, a self taught artist; commits to paper all the things it means to be an urban nomad; disconnected from your starting destination but not quite at home in new location. Her Travellers series is a triptych representation of moving through societal, racial and cultural boundaries.

Ezekiel, 24, a painter; has chosen the use of colours in adaptation of the Fauvism and naturalism movement; he will be exploring how man is shaped and influenced by his environment.

Marcellina, 27, is a mixed media artist, a mother to a woman-in- progress; she urges you to look at her works and contribute to the conversation on how to make the world a better place for generations of women to come.

Oladimeji, 26, is the only photographer in the group, and will be using his lens as a map to navigate the duality of human nature and the hard questions surrounding the creation story

Sejiro, 26, the most conceptual and experimental of the group. His series “Physiognomical Distinction” will question the act of predicting or judging a person’s character and personality by mare looking at the outward appearance

With support from the Rele Arts Foundation, each one of the 2017 selected artists were awarded a grant to produce the body of work that will make up the exhibition.

The #YoungContemporaries2017 exhibition opens to the public on Sunday January 15th, 2017 –  3pm at Rele Gallery (5 Military Street, Onikan Lagos).

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