4 Fashion Trends to Watch in 2017 by Blogger Odette

Reach for new heights in these 4 fashion trends to watch out for in 2017. Fashion blogger at Work Flare, Odette graciously took over our Instagram page on Sunday to let us know about some of the trends she’s looking forward to this year.

Here’s our selection:

The Statement Sleeves Trend!


The next major trend that we can all be looking forward to is ‘The Statement Sleeves Trend’. Mind you this trend is not for the faint hearted and it is one those designs that do not need much, if any, accessorising at all. .
This white piece is designed by Nigeria’s fashion powerhouse Maki Oh , whose designs have also been spotted on top celebrity fashion icons such as Lupita Nyong’o.

The Statement Sleeves design could prove to be a tricky one to wear to work (unless you work in the fashion industry of course). However the key is to find a piece that is not particularly extravagant and pair it with something simple. For example, I would wear this beautiful Maki Oh top with a navy blue midi full skirt and a pair of black pointed court heels. Keeping everything else neutral (including hair and make up), prevents the ensemble from being over the top especially when paired with powerful piece such as a Statement Sleeves Top.


The 80’s Baby!

Till this date the 80’s remains one of the most celebrated fashion eras of all time. Every year, we seem to bring back a trend that erupted or was made famous in the 80’s and this year is no different. During the summer/spring 2017 fashion shows, Kitten heels were spotted both on the runways and streets. Now although the kitten heel originated in the 50’s, they made a huge come back in the 80’s and have since been one of the favourites of that era. It is no wonder they are back; they are elegant, feminine and very comfortable – two qualities that the working woman wants in her shoes.

This gorgeous pair is by Christian Dior. Now we all know a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, and a lot people prefer high heels. The trick with kitten heels is to opt for the ‘pointed style’ (as shown in the picture), it makes your feet appear slimmer and elongates your legs. Tip: For a flawless look, try styling your kitten heels with a flared midi skirt or dress.

The Spanish Influence!

We first witnessed the ‘Spanish Influence’ Trend sometime in the middle of last year, of course that was only the beginning. This year we would start to see different variations of the ‘ruffle’ style on the runway and in stores. They range from ruffle features at the side slits and hem line of a skirt as well as a full blown layered effect on tops and dresses such as the one in the picture.
I particularly love this Ruffled top midi dress from the South African brand ERRE; it is such a simple yet versatile dress that can be worn both on and off duty.


The Seaside Stripes!

Who doesn’t love stripes? Fashion’s favorite print is timeless and totally wearable.

Christie Brown-trends-to-watch-2017-TheGlowingColours

Stripes are definitely the trend that keeps giving, they stood the test of time for the past four seasons and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Stripes have been a work wear staple for the longest time; however, this season our favourite designers have decided to switch it up a notch by creating eccentric cuts with prints featuring Rich Colours and Bolder Stripe patterns
This particular Ankara Striped top, by Ghana’s very own designer Christie Brown, is currently one of my favourite work wear piece.

What’s on your list of fashion trends to watch out for? We want to know. Hit the comment button.


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